Monday, February 7, 2011

How Josie Made Daddy's Weekend at Mommy's Expense

I know it's a rite of passage of motherhood to gradually build an arsenal of stories featuring your children doing shocking, disgusting, or mortifying things.  In my experience, mothers of chromosomally enhanced children tend to have particularly colorful stories that would make you bust a gut.  The "Leanne Stories" are absolutely hilarious but far too numerous to get into here.  Many of them are at my mother's expense which was particularly gratifying for me - until now.  You know what they say about mom likes to remind me of this frequently with a Cheshire cat grin on her face!

Last weekend, Josie provided me with a story for my own arsenal:  one I likely wouldn't share, except she was kind enough to do it in front of her father which means I will never live it down.  You see, I was getting the little dear ready to take a bath. 

Bathtub filled - check
Washcloth & towel ready - check
Naked baby - check

But what happened in the five seconds it takes me to carry that naked baby from the changing table to the tub is the memorable part.  You see, in the blink of an eye, Josie decided to *ahem* back the big brown motor home out of the garage, right at the entrance to the bathroom where I unknowingly, and barefootedly stepped in it, henceforth, making Travis' day(month/year, etc.).  He was so overjoyed by the moment that he decided to photograph it - but I will spare you that pictorial appendix.  Instead, I think this photo pretty much captures the essence of the incident...
Hey, happens!

Doesn't having kids pretty much guarantee you will end up with a pretty good poop story or two?  My brother-in-law has a particularly priceless one about my niece that took place on the slide at the McDonalds Playland.  So while I apologize if you accidentally read this while eating, I'm pretty sure anyone with kids can happens!


  1. Adorable! So I see you are Illini fans, does that mean you live in IL? Cuz If you do... we should get our cute adopted kids together! I have 2 little ones with Down syndrome!!!

  2. Oh man, that pic is too cute!
    We had our first poop in the bathtub last week! We all get them I guess!

  3. LOL - yep, it happens to the best of us. :-) That photo is just awesome - she is sooooooo delicious!!

  4. "It" sure does happen! We have found many a "brown trout" lurking in our bathtub!

  5. She is too cute! I love her sweet little grin and those big eyes looking at you as if asking you "what?".

  6. She is absolutely adorable!! "It" does happen even to the best! As a nanny and then as a teacher I earned more than my fair share of poop stories including looking over to discover that the mud my 10 month old niece was delightfully squishing in her hands and basically rolling in was not mud but dog poop. ARGH!