Saturday, March 12, 2011

Emergency at Technology Central - Please Help - Make it Fast!

I think I've explained before how I'm married to Mr. Technology and we live at Technology Central.  It has its benefits but I have to admit, everything is so darn complicated!  I've learned how to work the TV, stereo, and computer, but if something goes awry, I haven't the slightest clue how to resolve the issue.  Usually, I just have to go without that technical luxury until Travis can fix it. 

Leanne, however, is not very patient or understanding when something comes between her and The Wizards of Waverly Place!  Today the TV in the guest bedroom froze on the Hallmark Channel and Leanne was not in the mood to watch "I Love Lucy".  And of course this happens when Travis isn't around! She demanded I fix it but I knew that my troubleshooting efforts would be hopeless. 

Where do you even begin?!

Leanne even tried chastising this box

So Leanne decided to send Mr. Technology an email appealing for urgent help...

brother travis

nickname stirfy


broke the tv


remotton roll not

not work

not happy


no show on


i board


to do

pleaes help make it



Travis will undoubtedly understand every word of this email but I'll go ahead and translate for everyone else:
Brother ["in law" (we need to work on this - I just assume NOT be married to my brother but I digress...)] Travis,
Nickname Stir Fry Head.  Broke the tv.  Commercials.  Remote control not work[ing].  [I'm] not happy.  [The] consequence [for breaking the remote] is no shows on [the] tv.  I['m] bored.  [There's] nothing to do.  Please help - make it fast! "Love, Leanne" or anything!  Let's hope our personal help desk gets this issue resolved ASAP!  On the bright side, the Aunt Leanne antics are bound to increase tenfold without the diversion of the television. 

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  1. HA! I thought the consequences would be for Travis if he didn't get there QUICK to fix it.

    Oh, I wish I could help. Unfortunately, I've been known to phone my husband at work while standing in front of a classroom of desperate 2nd graders, asking him to walk me through the hooking up of a dvd machine from 60 miles away. Travis really needs to come up with some sort of SuperTech bat signal...