Saturday, March 12, 2011

Leanne Blogs

Aunt Leanne is back!  By popular demand, she's writing a blog post and revealing the food nickname for the new baby...
cheeaebuger head
new baby
bannas spilt
that it
surup  butterscopesach
joise catfish ketchup
dance clulb
teachbaby to dance
go to with sisterto
buy shopping
mom birthday
starbucks good
Introducing Banana Split!

Leanne gave a food nickname to the new baby within seconds of finding out I was pregnant.  Banana Split!  Apparently a banana split would need some butterscotch syrup...In other news, Leanne wants you to know that we had a dance party this morning.  We plan to go shopping for my mom's birthday gift this afternoon and if Leanne is on good behavior, we may even get a Starbucks!  Stay tuned - it's 24/7 entertainment when Aunt Leanne's in the house!


  1. Hi Leanne! Great nickname! My name is LeeAnn too, but spelled different! Cool, eh? Have fun shopping and going to Starbucks today! xo

  2. I love Leanne! She reminds me so much of Kristen. The relationship she has with you and your baby are so much like the relationship Kristen had with her sisters and her nieces and nephews. True sisterly love. You are so blessed to have her in your ife.

  3. Caffeine up, Aunt Leanne! Your auntie expectations are about to double. You'll need all the frappucinos you can get. I don't think I commented on the big announcement post! (But you know we're over the moon for you, right?)

    And, as a HATER of hot fudge, i'm so delighted by leanne's pointed mention of the emphasis on butterscotch. You are my snacking soulmate, leanne. Snacking. Soulmate.

  4. Congratulations and love the new nickname! It's appropriate because when you have two littles ones some days will feel bananas!

  5. Seriously, what a Beautiful Life you all have! I couldn't think of a better nickname for Banana Split : )



  6. I absolutely love that all of Leanne's nicknames are food oriented. Brings a big smile to my face and I LOVE banana splits!! Josie is going to be an amazing big sister, lots of love all around :)

  7. Love so much of this. It is too cute how sweet Leanne is! Such lucky babes to have an auntie like her!

  8. I love Banana Split!

    Beth calls her sisters Bobin and Chickenbutt. When we asked her what she was going to call Ryan (her bro in law) she chose Lover. We told her to find a different name. :)

  9. Beth, you are hilarious, Girlfriend! Leanne calls Travis her brother. The "in law" concept is lost on her. At my Grandpa's funeral, she was introducing everyone to her "sister, brother, and their baby" and she'd point to my stomach. So everyone got the impression I married my brother and got pregnant. Lovely!

  10. I love it.....she's always picks the perfect nicknames:)

  11. Congratulations and best wishes for the new addition to your lovely family. Roo is almost 7 years younger than her sister but I hope they will have the kind of relationship you share with Leanne. What fun to have Leanne as an Aunt!

  12. I love it. Banana Split..BEAUTIFUL..And now I have visions of the after school show Banana Splits dancing in my head..

    Hope you both have a wonderful day..What does she get from Starbucks? I'm not a coffee drinker but have tried there vanilla bean there..

  13. I seriously LOVE aunt Leanne posts!

  14. I think that gives you permission to eat one banana split a day for the rest of your pregnancy:) Congratulations!!!!

  15. Love the new nickname! It's funny that you mentioned the nickname, I was wondering when Leanne would come up with one when you announced your pregnancy!

  16. Banana Split is a juicy, delicious name for the new baby!! Excited to read about the daily happenings once you have 2!!! Pudge and Zippy, Catfish with Ketchup and Banana Split with Butterscotch...the blog title doesn't flow off the tongue easily:)

    Keep Smiling!!