Friday, April 29, 2011

You know you've been on quarantine too long when...

...a trip to the grocery store is met with the same enthusiasm as winning the Powerball jackpot.

Because of her fragile respiratory system, we have kept Josie under rigid quarantine all winter to shield her from cold/flu/RSV and other respiratory viruses that could be devastating to her health but now that spring is here, it's time to pop the bubble!  We decided to take Josie grocery shopping with us and what a thrill it was!  We thoroughly disinfected the cart and wrapped it in her new shopping cart cover.  I admit, I used to be one of those people who thought that shopping cart covers were a bit overboard, but Josie has turned me into a complete germaphobe and I now carry hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes with me everywhere!  Anything to avoid another stay in the children's hospital...
First stop: Where else?  Just wait until she can have a caramel apple cider...or salted caramel hot chocolate...She's cheering just thinking about it!
Josie's enthusiasm grew as she took in all the sights and sounds.  The produce section is full of vibrant colors and artfully arranged displays...
And if you think that the produce section spells good times, then wait until you check out the bakery.  Here she is holding Dad's favorite pretzel bread...
If Rice-A-Roni is all it takes to make this child light up like it's Christmas morning, she should really be their new spokesperson.
And while she's signing endorsement contracts, go ahead and get Oscar Mayer on board because she seems to have a pretty favorable reaction to the lunch meat as well.  We'll start rehearsing the theme song...
One aisle even warranted Josie's famous two-armed wave...
Oh wait - make that two aisles worthy of the double wave.  I guess Josie is a big fan of oral hygiene, too. "A clean teef is a happy teef," right Leanne?
Because she is such a refined and civilized young lady, she waited until we were back in the car to pull out her hair bows.  It's a good thing because steering the shopping cart around with my baby looking like this may have raised an eyebrow or two... the weird-pregnant-chick-photographing-her-child-in-every-aisle-of-the-grocery-store-like-they-were-tourists-from-a-far-away-land-without-grocery-stores didn't raise enough eyebrows!
And that, ladies and gentleman, was the first of many successful trips to the supermarket.  Let's hope she's always that enthusiastic and cooperative. 


  1. oh i love this post!!!! I am so glad you are finally able to take her out even if it is just to the grocery store! ( i am a huge fan of grocery cart covers, high chair covers, Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer!!!)

  2. She's a cutie. We too have Vada on lock down. From 5-1/2 months until the end of Feb 9give or take some days). It's no fun for anyone and not what you expect out of early motherhood... but well worth it! Glad she is having fun.

  3. Great to see Josie out!! While I, too, can be a germaphobe, I am leaving my issues aside until Sarah is in my care fulltime:( Can't wait to see her expression when Josie visits my favorite all-time Mecca...Target!!!

    What an experience this has been. Sarah is beautiful, smart, engaged, busy, ornery, and full of love. I am blessed I was chosen to be this girl's mama.

    What a sight to behold to see Josie and Sarah setting this world on fire. Showing the world all children, no matter their ability can achieve great things in this one, precious, wild life we've been given.

  4. She's gorgeous! I'm glad you took pics of her in the grocery store, even if people maybe looked at you funny :)

    I met a friend of yours today, in Wisconsin :)

  5. There is nothing wrong with photographing your child in a supermarket!/photo.php?fbid=407559406058&set=a.131597826058.116225.622706058&type=1&theater

    Don't know if the link will work due to how I've set my privacy settings, but I have to share ;)

  6. Oh too bad we missed the grocery store today, would have loved to run into the crazy pg lady taking pics of her child in every aisle! TOO CUTE Josie, too cute!

  7. Such cute pictures. Our pigtails always look like the last picture. Isn't it just so fun to rip them out?! Mia thinks its hilarious. You guys make everything look so fun :)

  8. YIPPEE! ' Josie does HYVEE!' Was Aunt Leanne's young gentleman friend working? Maybe you can teach Josie how to 'accidentally' throw a piece of fruit or her animal crackers at him - to avenge her Aunt Leanne's broken heart!
    And you better get ready for a TWO ARM, TWO LEG wave when you guys hit TOYS R US for the first time! (((hugs to Josie)))

  9. Josie is the happiest child I think I have ever seen! I always knew you and Travis would be wonderful parents. Do we know the sex of the one on the way?