Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mystery Guest

Can you guess the mystery person who would be crazy enough (about Josie) to drive 3 hours to have lunch with Josie, only to turn around and drive 3 hours back home?
If you guessed Mama Hop, you were right!  This calls for an excited two-armed wave frenzy!
I told her she's welcome to stay but that Mama Hop is a busy woman and she snuck away while Leanne was in her day program.  No fear, both ladies will be back next weekend for Mother's Day.

While on the subject of Mama Hop, I have to tell you about something cool.  Mama Hop has her undergraduate degree in art (Masters in Special Education - go Mama Hop!) and while she was in college a LONG time ago (ha ha!) she painted this lovely watercolor.  It even won an award!  It has been hanging proudly in my grandparents' home ever since.

With my Grandpa's recent passing, I became the lucky recipient of this award winning painting.
I decided a new frame and mat would give it a renewed, updated appearance and it turned out great (if I do say so myself):
And it looks perfect in our guest bathroom!
Josie really digs it!
That painting behind Mama Hop in the first picture (I think they're red calla lilies) is also a Mama Hop original.  She is one talented lady and Josie is oh-so-lucky to have her as a grandmother!


  1. Love the post.. and I love the arm wave! Beautiful Picture and it looks very nice in the bathroom :) Thanks again for the helpful information.

  2. Josie is the cutest! I always check your blog hoping for more pictures. :)
    And congrats on baby#2!

  3. Anyone remember the commercial "I'd fly to the moon - for a Lorna Doone!" (cookie)
    Well, it looks like Josie's 'Mama Hop' would fly to the moon and back just for a lunch date any day of the week!! What a lucky litle girl!