Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Skills and Acting Abilities

Miss Josie had visits from 3 therapists today and it was almost as if she was one of those little pageant kids you see on TV that sparkle as soon as the spotlight is on them.  The therapists took a seat and the next thing you know;
Cue the waving - check
 Cue the hand clapping - check
 Cue the fine motor skills - check
 Cue the social skills - check
This was her moment to shine and she did not disappoint!  Ladies and gentleman, what we have here is a classic ham!  She soaks up that attention like a sponge!
 And if you're wondering where she learned that, well folks, here is Aunt Leanne at the doctor's office on Monday:
No, she's not dying. Despite what this pathetic face would have you believe, it's just a mild case of bronchitis.  And the Academy Award for Best Dramatic Performance in a Doctor's Office goes to...Aunt Leanne.  Milk it girl, soak up that attention! 

Sadly, this means we've had to postpone our visit from Aunt Leanne this weekend but we'll be sure and invite her back soon.  We can't get enough!


  1. Ha, how cute! Bummer that Aunt Leanne is sick and unable to visit

  2. I hope Aunt Leanne is on the road to recovery soon!! Now, after comparing Josie's toyroom and the doctor's waiting room , I'd say it's time to switch it up - and find Aunt Leanne a doctor who's a lot more fun!! (((hugs to Leanne and Josie)))

  3. Bummer Leanne is sick but she wears sickness well! She still looks great (beside trying her best to look on deaths door). Josie is too cute and getting way big way fast!