Friday, May 6, 2011

A Day of Firsts

Yesterday was a day of firsts for Josie.  It started with her first swimming lesson!  Josie looked adorable in her new strawberry swimsuit and she enjoyed the water from the get go!  In fact, she was the ultimate ham at swimming lessons.  It seems as though she was convinced that this was her private lesson and that the other dozen babies in the pool with their mothers were simply there to cheer her on.  Miss Josie has a way of commanding the attention with her incessant smiling, giggling, enthusiastic arm waving, and hand clapping.  With each new activity the instructor would announce, Josie would let out a rousing cheer and two-armed wave or round of applause.  It was borderline embarrassing but I'm pretty sure the instructor appreciated the positive feedback.  I didn't bother telling her that since being released from quarantine, any activity outside of the four walls of our home elicits this response.
 The excitement didn't end there; later that day, we got a visit from Travis' Dad who happened to be in town on business.  Josie was so happy to see her Papa! 
 Although she seemed to be experiencing some residual fatigue from all of that swimming, she refused to nap while Papa was here.  She didn't want to miss a moment!
We all went out to Travis' favorite pizza joint where Josie anxiously awaited her first taste of pizza!
She was not disappointed!  She gnawed on that pizza crust like a dog on a bone!  Pizza is Travis' absolute favorite food and he was was so proud of his little protege. 
Maybe we're one step closer to getting off that darn feeding tube after all!

We'd like to thank Papa for a fun evening, and we look forward to his return visit with YaYa next month!


  1. pizza was rachel's first taste of "big people" food and she loved/ still loves it!

  2. First times, no matter what age, are the best! Glad that Josie is getting out and enjoying all of the newbies!

  3. Super cute in your strawberry suit there Miss J!

  4. We're hoping Miss Eisley will ditch her button right along with Josie, meanwhile, pizza crusts are one of her favorites too!