Sunday, May 15, 2011

Josie's First Date

Josie recently had her first date, which you can read all about right here.  For all the Jace fans out there who are scratching your heads wondering how Josie could possibly resist the charms of such a hunky and suave suitor, it is important that you know the complete story...
Hours before their dinner date, Josie invited Jace to meet her at the water park.  Jace, being the virtuous young chap that he is, showed up in a modest aquatic ensemble while Josie decided to be a bit more daring and show some skin in this flashy red, strawberry number.  Josie thought she would turn some heads but being the respectful gentleman that he is, Jace averted his eyes.
Determined to capture Jace's attention, Josie took it one step further and decided to plant herself on his lap.  Even LC looks both surprised and amused by Josie's brazen move!
Jace, on the other hand, is in a full-blown panic, desperately trying to remember if he's had his cootie shot this year.
And when all other attention grabbing efforts failed to elicit the results Josie was hoping for, she resorted to conducting herself like she was in Panama City Beach on Spring Break!
At this point, Mom and Dad decided to step in and have a talk with our little diva about how when one behaves herself in a certain fashion, one may receive the wrong kind of attention which is quickly accompanied by a reputation! 

After a little refresher course on manners and lady-like conduct, Josie decided to reign it in for her dinner date with Jace.  So what may have seemed like an aloof vibe, was actually Josie trying to show Jace a more refined side of her personality.  Trust me - she held it together well at dinner but she was doing her signature two-armed wave as soon as she got in the car.  And an important lesson was learned: boys love a girl who plays hard to get! 

It was an unequivocal honor to be able to meet blog superstars LC and Jace!  We absolutely idolize this little doll:
And just when we thought the day couldn't get any more perfect, we got to meet the oh-so-handsome-albeit-a-little-camera-shy Eli:
And we can't wait for our next encounter with what are certainly bound to be lifelong friends!


  1. Hilarious and adorable! Love the strawberry number, too. :)

  2. Love Love Love both of the posts about their date!

  3. I'm cracking up over Josie and LC!! Ollie tried a date with Jace too last month, but he decided she was too young :( bummer bc Courtney would make one heck of an in law!

  4. the cuteness is just too much! Reading both posts back to back has given me a toothache-not to mention a serious case of jealousy.

    Love may the cuteness reign!

  5. Oh Josie, lucky for you Lily wasn't in the vicinity- knowing what a crush she has on Jace, I doubt we would have been able to reign her in! You must tell us where you got that ADORABLE outfit in the last photo- TOO CUTE! I don't know how Jace was able to keep his hands off you;)

  6. They are so cute! I love the kiss!

  7. I'm laughing my stinkin' head off! Oh my favorite two blog writers meet, how does life get any better? Oh what fun.

    Hope you are still feeling well with your pregnancy and continue to have enough energy for Josie and the blog :) You write so well. Loved your piece on siblings. Your life is truely blessed!

  8. i would like to take a moment to thank you for kindly omitting any shots from our pool visit that featured the squibs' bathing suited mother.

    Oh, oh, OH if you were closer the fun we'd have would be simply illegal.

    I still can't believe you came away with ANY photos from the pool where Jace's face wasn't contorted into a water torture-induced spasm.

  9. Can I say I am little jealous! Just a tad!!! How fun! and your post was just hilarious! Loved it!