Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why they call him "The Resolution" and other random thoughts...

Travis has earned the nickname "The Resolution" because when faced with a problem, no matter how large or small, mundane or strange, he always manages to resolve it in the most calm and collected way.  For example when the carpenter quoted us a price on a custom baby gate that would have lodged a lump in the throat of Donald Trump, Travis decided that he would build his own baby gate.  The man has never taken a wood shop class in his life!

And when the source of that atrocious stench that engulfs the garage can no longer be explained by dirty diapers and half eaten grilled chicken sandwiches roasting in the June heat, Travis uncovers the rotting bird carcass that was lodged underneath the engine and promptly fished it out and disposed of it.  The man has never taken an auto mechanics class in his life!

In my defense, I did not hit the bird.  The bird had a death wish.  He clearly had some deep-seated emotional issues stemming from childhood that compelled him to fly up under a car going 65mph on the interstate.  To quote Rain Main, "I am an excellent driver". 

In addition to being known as "The Resolution," Travis is also known as "Crafty Dad" in some circles...the man knows his way around a Hobby Lobby.  More on that to come!

In other news, Aunt Leanne proudly rocked her snazzy new birthday outfit this week.  She looked good and she knew it...
(Please excuse the grainy cell phone photos)
That, my friends, is how you pose for a picture!

Apparently she was showered with so many compliments she decided that the vest and beads would spruce up any old outfit so the next day, she emerged wearing this questionable ensemble...
Oh my, girlfriend!  Unless you were going for the color-blind schoolmarm look, I think you missed the mark.  And what's with the mug shot face?!  I cannot wait until Josie and I go head-to-head on fashion choices.  We're going to need a referee.  I'm sure Mama Hop will relish in every second of it.  Let's hope "The Resolution" will step in to restore peace and aesthetic prosperity.

Speaking of Josie...
My little helper...

My little catfish...

and my little sweetheart is 15 months old today!  How time flies! 
We love you Josie Jo Jo!


  1. Nice baby gate!! Ms. Leanne's frown needs to be turned upside down..Ms Josie Catfish looks amazingly adorable as usual

  2. WOW Travis, we think you should market your baby gate skills. Awesome. Our house is available if you need to work your magic for marketing.
    Happy 15 months Josie girl. WOW where has the time gone?

  3. The Resolution rocks!! Josie's piggies are to die for. Wishing you a cool last month before you're a family of four:)

    Happy 15 months, Josi

  4. Awesome post. Where are the lovely belly photos of the mama-to-be though?? Perhaps your husband could do a tutorial on YouTube for the baby gate...we also have a funny stairwell that could really use a gate.

  5. Don't hold your breath on those belly photos, Jaida. I stopped allowing myself to be photographed after about month 6. The beached whale look doesn't suit me so well ;-)

  6. I need a Resolution man - how handy!! I am loving the plaid with the vest - awesome! Catfish is a beauty - 15 months flies by so fast doesn't it!! My oldest starts kindergarten this year - ugh how did it happen?

  7. A big pat on the back to big Daddy T!! Happy 15 months Josie, it's such a pleasure to watch you grow!

  8. THE RESOLUTION!! It fits perfectly!! Keith always described Travis as having a "big brain". LOL I have always thought he was absolutely amazing in every way and admired him in the same way I admired Colen. I especially love his "calmness in the eye of the storm". It was a wise decision you made to choose him for a husband and father!! Give him my best and a hug to Catfish! Hope you are doing well. This last month is a killer!!