Sunday, June 26, 2011

Aunt Leanne and the never ending birthday...

Ladies and Gentlemen: I present to you the only person I know whose birthday celebration drags on for WEEKS:
My sister (a.k.a. Aunt Leanne)

We piled in the car and met Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne for a belated birthday lunch today.  We were unable to attend Leanne's actual birthday celebration but Leanne does not mind extending the festivities whatsoever.  We were lucky to have a beautiful day to dine outdoors.  As always, when Aunt Leanne is around, you never know what is going to happen but you can be assured it won't be boring.  Today she sat down at the table and loudly announced "I'm wearing a black bra!"  When no one responded, she elevated her volume even more and said "I'M WEARING A BLACK BRA!"  I quickly feigned an interest in Leanne's undergarments and engaged in conversation about it before her volume increased even more and the whole restaurant heard the announcement.

According to an official statement (text) from my mom, "We had an issue over bra colors and she succumbed to propriety and wanted everyone to know, which almost defeated the purpose :-/"

The thing about Leanne is, the more taboo the topic, and the more it should be kept to oneself, the more Leanne absolutely has to discuss it!  A perfect example is her female cycle which she has been told, repeatedly, should not be discussed with individuals of the male persuasion because it makes them uncomfortable.  And yet somehow poor Travis has been subjected to the following dialogue many, many times:

Leanne: I have something personal I need to tell Elizabeth but I can't tell you because it's woman stuff.
Travis: Well, why are you telling me then?
Leanne: I'm NOT telling you because I'm not supposed to talk about it in front of boys - only girls!
Travis: So why are you talking about it?  You should keep it to yourself. 
Leanne: I'm NOT talking about it.  It's personal!  It's woman stuff.  I'm not telling you because that's inappropriate.
Travis (turning more red and uncomfortable by the second): But you're STILL talking about it, Leanne!  

While I find these exchanges absolutely hilarious, Travis, who grew up without sisters, would certainly prefer to live without the crash course in estrogen related concerns.  Yet, Travis says "We always have to talk about not talking about it!".  Alas, with Josie and another daughter on the way, he better get used to it because the fun is just starting!

Speaking of fun, it was time to open gifts.  No one appreciates a musical birthday card that plays "Celebration" quite like Leanne!
And just in case you're wondering, I totally wrote "Happy 34th Birthday biological Down syndrome adult!"  It didn't faze her - she was too busy dancing. 

For the most part, I think she appreciated her gifts.  Although, I'm not quite sure how to gauge this reaction...
Gee, a plaid skort - just what I've always wanted...

Other highlights of the lunch included when my mom discovered Leanne was eating the shrimp without peeling it...
 Leanne patiently tolerating Josie's new found affinity for hair pulling...
 And the absolute best part of the afternoon: When the waitress brought out a coconut bra and grass skirt in honor of Leanne's birthday, and made her dance.  Now I'm sure the average patron who attends this restaurant on his/her birthday finds this tradition absolutely mortifying but not Leanne.  She proudly strapped on the hula costume and hammed it up for the crowd:
She shook it like a Polaroid picture and even added her signature rear end shimmy at the end!  You go girl!

And as always, Josie basked in the unlimited supply of love and attention that surrounds her whenever these two are around.
I'd like to take this final opportunity to wish Leanne a Happy 34th Birthday (that's it, Leanne - no more!  Birthday is hereby OVER until next year, capisce?!)  For all the Aunt Leanne fans out there, have no fear: she'll be back in a couple of weeks to help Mama Hop babysit Josie while Travis and I attend baptism class.


  1. Happy Birthday Leanne! Looks like a great time :)

  2. Og Goodness, Leanne's a HOOT!:) I would love to see her and Jimmy together.:) BTW, Jimmy LOVES Joe's Crabshack too and I think it's because of the crazy things they have people do on their birthdays!:)

  3. Ok, I just went back like 100 pages to catch up.
    First , keep celebrating Leanne!! here come a big happy Birthday from us!!!!

    And second, did I know you were pregnant?? Something in my brain tells me I did, but I was still surprised to read it. HA, my brain is so unreliable!

    And you met the SQUIBS! Now that I definitely missed! Lucky!!!!

    And Josie is s big!! Goodness!!

  4. Hysterical! Andy, too, grew up in a world of boys and is, oh-so-utterly unprepared for the tween and teen years to come.

    Happy Birthday, Aunt Leanne. Keep rockin' that coconut bra and grass skirt for years to come.

  5. Love how you signed her card LOL. She sounds like she is just so fun to be around. Hope you are hanging in there with the baby!

  6. What a great post. I love Aunt Leanne updates and I totally understand how birthdays need to be huge celebrations...I myself like to remind my family about a month in advance that my birthday is approaching. Not for the gifts as much as the cake :)

  7. Shake it Leanne, if only more of us could worry less and enjoy more. Love it. My oh my that last pic is a treasure!

  8. Ha, how cute!! Love the whole post!!

  9. We'd love to celebrate with Leanne any day of the year if she ever comes to Portland, OR. She truly is the life of the party!