Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prevent Funding Cuts for Individuals with Disabilities - Act Now

While I have no intention of using this blog to spread my own political propaganda, I will use this blog to advocate on behalf of individuals with special needs.  Individuals like my sister and daughter...
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Some issues aren't right or left; they're not conservative nor liberal; they are simply the right thing to do.  I received the following email from Easter Seals and I'm going to share it and solicit your help because it just takes a minute of your time to reach out to your lawmakers and help make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities:

Dear Elizabeth,

This week, lawmakers are developing proposals that could slash funding for people with disabilities.

We need your help to protect families living with disabilities from these devastating cuts.

Send your letter to Congress by June 24.
"Where will I turn for help?"

This is the agonizing question that families living with disabilities are asking themselves as Congress considers devastating cuts to critical services that provide healthcare, education, housing, transportation and employment.

This week, Vice President Biden and congressional leaders are in closed-door budget talks negotiating the future of millions of Americans. Decisions are being made right now – we can't wait another day to act.

Send a message to your representatives urging them to protect people with disabilities in the ongoing budget debate by this Friday, June 24.

Medicaid and Medicare provide critical – often life-saving – services to millions of Americans living with disabilities. But as I write this, members of Congress are considering budget proposals that would slash funding and restructure these important programs, potentially eliminating the safety net they provide. Other key disability programs are at risk, including those that:

  • Support infants with disabilities through therapy and other services;
  • Provide job training and employment services for low-income people with disabilities and older adults; and
  • Help low-income people with disabilities find housing.

Tough decisions about spending have to be made, but they can't be made at the expense of our children with disabilities, our unemployed adults with disabilities and our seniors. These budget talks are happening now, which means there is no time to wait to tell Congress to protect people with disabilities.

Congress goes on their Independence Day recess starting on Monday, so we have to reach them before then. There's no time to lose to make sure funding for the millions of Americans living with disabilities isn't on the chopping block.

Send your letter to Congress to protect vital services and programs for people with disabilities by this FRIDAY, June 24.

I know we can count on our Easter Seals supporters to speak out on behalf of our most vulnerable families and to oppose cuts to life-saving services and programs for people living with disabilities.

Thank you.

Katy Beh Neas

Easter Seals

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