Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day with YaYa and Papa

YaYa and Papa arrived Thursday to spend a fun-filled weekend with Josie.  YaYa had not seen Josie since the Chili Cook Off in January and she could not get over how much older she looked.  Our little baby is turning into a toddler just in time to welcome the next little baby who will be here before we know it! 
Despite Josie's recent aversion to new faces (even ones she saw just last week), she welcomed her YaYa and Papa without an ounce of hesitation. 
She couldn't wait to do YaYa's signature Pat-a-Cake.  You should see her roll 'em up and throw 'em in the pan!  She's a pro!
And of course she had to offer up some of her famous kisses!  YaYa's flair for fashion and her affinity for shopping for the cutest baby clothes is a big part of the reason Josie remains so stylish and well-dressed and Josie can't thank her enough!
Papa was greeted with an extensive "To Do" list that included hanging the baby gate (more on that later), assembling the new baby furniture, and helping Dad make us a delicious meal with his new meat smoker - a Father's Day gift that will undoubtedly go down as one of the most favorite of all time!  The smoked pork and turkey were phenomenal! 

But Papa really impressed us when he volunteered to babysit Josie on Sunday, after YaYa's flight left, while Travis and I were in Childbirth Class.  He whizzed through "Feeding Tube 101" like a champ and assured us he was ready.  Little did he know that the feeding tube would be the least of his concerns...(more on that later)
We took Daddy and Papa out for Father's Day at Dad's favorite pizza place - the same one we took Papa to when he was here in May.  While Papa looks exhausted from his long day of household chores, Josie was alert and ready to sink her teeth gums into some pizza!
Little Miss was not disappointed.  She clenched her fist around that pizza crust and gnawed on it for 45 minutes until it disappeared.  At the end of the meal, she was literally keeled over in in her highchair in what can only be described as a carb coma. 
On Sunday, YaYa kissed Josie goodbye and left for the airport (I promised I wouldn't post photos of her crying).  Travis and I departed for childbirth class and left Josie in the competent hands of Papa who was staying in town a couple extra nights for business meetings. 
Three and a half hours later, we returned to find Papa looking a little pale and shaken. Apparently when Josie awoke from her nap, Papa was greeted with an unanticipated and rather messy surprise in Josie's diaper. Let's just say that while Papa has many talents, he is not the most experienced diaper changer in the world. Depending upon whose account you believe, this may have been his first diaper change - or at least his first in 30 years...He said if there would have been anyone else around, he wouldn't have done it. He considered sealing it back up and pretending he didn't notice it but he felt bad for Josie. So Papa rose to the occasion and tackled that diaper with a brave face. Of course Josie refused to cooperate and lay still because she's in that 'I'm going to go ahead and kick, flail, and try to roll off the changing table just to add a little extra challenge to your day' phase. God bless Papa. We're pretty sure he'll never volunteer to babysit again.

But then again, you can't stay mad at a face like this. 
Three cheers for Papa and all the other brave, diaper changing Dads out there.  When the going gets tough, they never let us down.  


  1. Josie is such a cutie!!! When is the new baby due??
    Sunnie in NC

  2. Thank you! The new baby is due July 30th. We can't wait!

  3. If Josie has any ounce of adventure like Sarah, the gate will only be a mere deterrent until she figures out how to move around said obstacle!! Love all the bows. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

  4. Oh, I'm sure he'll babysit your little princess again, AFTER she's potty trained. LOL!:)

  5. Josie is just too cute. How exciting that you are due so soon! You will have so much fun with two little ones!