Sunday, August 14, 2011

Maternity Leave

I now realize why maternity leave exists - you need at least 6 weeks to get your bearings after adding a new member to your family.  Hence, I've been on a little unanticipated maternity leave from blogging.  There is rarely a spare moment in the day in which both kiddos are occupied/sleeping and there are not 100 other household chores to attend to.  I'm a very schedule oriented person - just ask Mama Hop.  I left her an hour-by-hour schedule of Josie's daily activities while I was hospitalized.  She promptly disregarded it and used it as scrap paper but anyway...I'm working on revising my rigid but effective schedule that worked with Josie to include little Merryn.  We're getting there but until then, we may be noticeably absent from the blogosphere.
Several people have inquired about the origin of Merryn's name.  Being notoriously indecisive Libras, Travis and I struggled to come up with ideas.  It was important to me to have an established name (at least 100 years old) but I didn't want anything too popular.  That's when my friend, Leslie, suggested I check out the list of saints for inspiration.  That's where the inspiration for her daughter, Genevieve's, name came from.  So I did and I stumbled upon Merryn...and I Googled some more and I found this lovely coastal village in England named for St. Merryn:
It instantly earned a spot on my bucket list of vacation destinations. 

Josie is absolutely fascinated by her baby sister.  She says "baby" proudly and has shown no signs of jealously. 
This can likely be attributed to the fact that she has had 100% of her daddy's attention for the last week and he is oodles of fun!

Daddy's Girl

In a nutshell, it's been a wild ride at our house but we're loving every minute.  Thanks for all your kind words and well wishes.  Hang in there - we'll be back with lots more adventures from Catfish with Ketchup, Banana Split, and of course, Aunt Leanne!


  1. Adjusting to a new baby is never easy, especially with a young one already in the household...I'm impressed you were able to blog at all! Sweet, sweet girls, both of them. I'm having fun reading your archives as I've just recently discovered your blog. :)

  2. Congratulations on the wonderful addition to your family. What a great big sister Josie is! Way to you.

    Be gentle.

  3. Merryn is stunning...and I'm so glad Josie is doing well...
    though in my experience of having 4, no jealousy ever occurred til the new baby was mobile and able to take toys away...ha! something to look forward to...
    Good luck getting into a new routine...I can't wait to read more...
    oh, and now I totally want to vaca there's lovely

  4. Merryn is absolutely beautiful! Totally understand your to do list and not accomplishing it with more than one. No worries enjoy the littles the chores can wait...

  5. So incredible! Enjoy your girlies!


  6. Hey Little Mamma - you take as long as you need to ... remember your priorities - and blogging is not even in the top 3!!:-) We will all be patient!
    You sure are going to have a lot of cute 'Josie kissing her new baby sister' pictures to pick from for your Christmas cards this year!

  7. Both girls are so adorable. I am sure you are so busy but hang in there. It will get easier and the rigid schedule may not work for awhile but that is ok! Enjoy your babies and glad to see an update!

  8. Those pics are precious. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  9. I love, love, love the picture of Josie checking out her little sister! Its beautiful and so are your girls!

  10. You are doing great! Merryn is beautiful and Josie is so adorable watching her little sister!

    I certainly understand how hard it is to find the time to blog with two girls! Best of luck and try to get a little rest!