Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Papa's in town!

The past few weeks have been very exciting for Josie!  All of the new baby sister commotion has left a wake of visitors eager to meet Merryn but since she sleeps all the time, Josie is the true beneficiary.  As luck would have it, Papa happened to be in town on business and he came over to spend some quality time with us.  Josie was especially happy to see him!
Papa is so much fun.  He let Josie wear his watch...
...and he helped her practice her walking.
Then Josie got to introduce Papa to her baby sister.
Papa was the perfect audience for Josie to show off her new skills and abilities - particularly her rapidly growing vocabulary.  Papa decided now was the perfect time to teach her a new word: "Papa".  However, Josie wasn't interested in learning that word.  But she did offer up another word instead; "YaYa".  Ha!  Papa promptly called YaYa and let her hear as Josie enthusiastically chanted her name. 
She's practicing because she knows her YaYa is coming to help out soon! 

Speaking of helpers, Aunt Leanne will be joining us next week to lend a hand to help care for the girls.  She has agreed to provide child care assistance in exchange for Starbucks.  Talk about a shrewd negotiator...but she's worth it!


  1. I'd work for Starbucks too! <3


  2. Now that Josie is a big sister she is looking like SUCH a big girl!

  3. Gotta love the girls' Papa, but I'm thinking YaYa is going to have to have a little talk with him and gently remind him about supporting the baby's head! lol... love seeing these pictures - these two adorable 'babies' are going to be growing up so fast!

  4. I love the name you chose for the new addition. I read how you chose the name and wanted to know more about the name so I Googled and found the meaning:

    Merryn \m(e)-rr-yn\ as a girl's name is a variant of Merry (Old English), and the meaning of Merryn is "joyful, lighthearted".

    How absolutely perfect!!