Sunday, September 11, 2011

"fun with siter house" - Another Blog Post by Aunt Leanne

Aunt Leanne Blogs
dear everbody
you fun with siter house
wholle week
help with babybaby
we fappcino chololcate chips
whipped with cream
chololcate chips
starbucks eat meal
with ketchup
reed books
chaange ing
walk away
than llasgugnag
gailic bread
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tukrey sauasge biscuit egg
love leaanne

Yes, Aunt Leanne was here for a whole week helping with the babies and she agreed to write a blog post about it.  She originally wanted to list every reader by name after "Dear...".  I had to convince her that was not the most practical approach so she reluctantly settled on "Dear Everybody".  As usual she references her meals and Starbucks (the fine folks at Starbucks should really pay for all the promotion Leanne gives them on this blog).  She also references a little incident we had where Leanne learned a very important lesson: do not leave the baby on the changing table and walk away - it's dangerous.  Rest assured that no babies fell off the changing table; everyone is fine.  But Leanne now knows she can only set Josie on the floor if she's going to walk away from her. 

Leanne was an excellent helper all week.  She got a first-hand taste of how exhausting caring for two babies can be.  On her first day, she fell asleep on the floor of the playroom while entertaining Josie.  When I walked in, it startled her and she sat up quickly.  I said "Leanne, do you need to go take a nap?"  and she looked embarrassed and said "No, I'm fine.  I'm watching Catfish with Ketchup." ...lying on the floor...with your eyes closed...snoring?  LOL!  I understand how you feel, Leanne - trust me!

When my mom came to get her, Leanne insisted she was going to stay "forever" because Catfish with Ketchup said it was ok.  However, they had things to tend to back home so they packed up and left.  Suddenly the doorbell rang three times in a row.  Travis opened it and there was Leanne who announced "I need a hug from Catfish with Ketchup" so Leanne made the rounds.  She said one last goodbye, gave us each a hug, and even gave Lilly one last doggie treat.  Suddenly we heard the impatient honking of the horn and Leanne announced "Gotta go - my limo is waiting" and she darted out to Mama Hop's car and they drove away. 

Thanks for everything, Leanne! 

I'd also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my wonderful husband who took two weeks off of work to help me with the girls as I recovered from my C Section.  After walking in my stay-at-home mom shoes, he concluded that it was much easier to go to work!  Thank you!  On behalf of all the stay-at-home moms out there, I must say, it's nice to have that validation.  It is a tough job!
No one knows that better than Travis' mom, who also deserves a big thank you for spending a week helping with Merryn and Josie.  Boy did she sleep well after putting in long hours with our two little ones!  She kept the pat-a-cake going and taught Josie how to "Woo Hoo" with the best of 'em!  Thanks T Woww!
And I can't sign off without thanking Mama Hop, Grammie Deb, Maggie, PaPa and all of the friends and neighbors who were willing to lend a hand during the last few weeks.  We are a lucky little family to have such a wonderful support system and we are very grateful. 


  1. Cracking up that Leanne fell asleep on the playroom floor. Parenting, especially more than one is tough work. Glad you have had lots of help while recovering. Praying that this next week is a breeze for you!

  2. Tell Leanne I loved her blog post!


  3. Awwww, sounds like a wonderful 2 weeks:) Leanne is a lot like Caleb when it comes to those hugs. He always has to have one more. That is so sweet of Leanne! You are blessed to have such a wonderful family.:)

  4. Ditto what Amy said. What an awesome extended family.

    Your little Merryn is adorable.

  5. You're so lucky to have so much loving and willing family to help out!!

    The picture of Leanne doing Josie's hair is my favorite picture ever. It gives me chills it is so wonderful.

  6. So glad you had lots of help!! I loved Leannes blog post!! It looks like she had a lot of fun helping even though it tired her out!