Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Josie learns to crawl

The other night, our wonderful neighbors, Clark and Lynn, stopped by to bring Josie and Merryn gifts - colorful, waterproof bibs that Lynn made especially for the girls. Josie loved hers so much, we used it as incentive to get her to crawl. But as neat as that bib was, it wasn't what Josie was after. The newfound freedom to explore her surroundings? Nope! The exciting prospect of being able to chase the dog and maybe actually catch her? Nope! The appeal of watching mom try to maintain her sanity while trailing a mobile baby and caring for a newborn? Nope! All Josie cared about was being the center of all the attention and soliciting as much applause as possible! Mission Accomplished: With Mom, Dad, Merryn, YaYa, Lynn, and Clark all watching and anxiously anticipating Josie's next move, she had us right where she wanted us and boy did she exploit the situation...


  1. goodness that made me smile ! What a wonderful family you have.... that Josie is just a doll - gotta love a baby with a Pebbles tuft of hair on the top of her head!

    GO Josie GO !!!!!


  2. Oh my goodness. She is the cutest thing ever! She is going to be one her way soon! Watch out world!

  3. that is the cutest thing ever!! Go Josie go! xo