Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hair Do's and Don'ts by Aunt Leanne

My mom called me in tears yesterday.  She had dropped Leanne off at the salon for her usual cut & blond highlights.  She wanted her to look really nice for the big baptism this weekend since Leanne will be front and center as the "Mother of God" (godmother).  Apparently my mom's definition of "really nice" and Leanne's definition of "really nice" are not in sync, because when my mom went to pick Leanne up, she found Leanne perched in the chair with mahogany hair and auburn streaks! 

The stylist had given Leanne one of those hairstyle books and Leanne had selected this funky, asymmetrical cut that was long on one side, shaved on the other, with shaggy bangs hanging in her eyes.  Thank heavens Mama Hop arrived in time to put the kibosh on that! 

Leanne: Mom, am I in trouble?
Mama Hop: We'll talk about it later, Leanne
Leanne (facetious grin): I'm a prankster!

Synopsis: After a long talk with the director of the salon, a tearful apology from the stylist, and a grand total of FIVE HOURS in that chair, Leanne's hair was restored to a strawberry platinum version of it's previous state.  While not ideal, it is far more tolerable than the "vampire/goth" look Leanne was sporting earlier that day.  While no formal punishment was issued, Leanne suffered enough because she missed lunch AND bowling thanks to this little hair fiasco.   Notice in the "After" shot, Leanne can't be bothered to smile for the camera - she's too busy inhaling a plate of food.  You know how Leanne cherishes her meals!

Note to Self: Never leave Josie unattended in a salon

(this was actually taken mid-repair so it doesn't do the "before" color justice but you can get a feel for the red)


"I liked it better RED!"
- Aunt Leanne


  1. Great timing mom! I would never leave Beth alone in a salon. Too many choices!! :)

    Hope the baptism goes well.

  2. We let my brother (Brad who has DS) choose how he wants his hair cut...he had a bowl cut for 34 years and then, on his 35th, chose a spikey look.

    He has limited opportunities to make choices so we like to give him as many as possible.


  3. Leanne cracks me up! I just love her:)

  4. Haha that is so funny. Although I think Leanne would have made the red work for her too!

  5. That is too funny and I will make sure I always go with Mia!

  6. Surely it's not wrong that I am completely cracking up at this post!?!?!

  7. After reading about Pudge and Zippy, then reading about Aunt Leanne's hair do, my Friday night has been filled with comedic relief.

    Keep Smiling:)

  8. hilarious! so happy they were able to "fix" her hairdo and a good "note to self" was learned about leaving our girls alone at the salon when they are older :)

  9. Leanne is the BEST! I have to meet her someday. She is so much like Kristen. Kristen's meals were also the utmost important. As soon as she finished lunch, she was planning dinner.

  10. oh, my!! I totally get the mom perspective!! sounds like when Nevin got to the tattoo shop and saw his choices!! :)