Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ships Ahoy, Mate!

Mama Hop loves a cute kid in a sailor outfit...
...seriously, folks: she LOVES it!
And if one person in a nautical themed outfit is good, three people in coordinated nautical themed outfits are even better!
Even when they no longer make sailor dresses in your size, you can still at least rock the navy & white, right?
I mean, it'd be a shame to get your photo professionally taken and wear any other color combo - especially for your senior picture...
To this day, she just can't get enough..., really!  Repeat after Mama Hop "There is no such thing as too much navy and white!"
So it came as absolutely no surprise when Mama Hop decided to pass the tradition along to my children.  I present to you, Captain Josie and First Mate Merryn sailing upon the USS Catfish:
It's a thousand miles from here to the nearest ocean but the nautical attire is always relevant, right Mom?
All Aboard!

*This post is dedicated to Mama Hop - a woman who never goes overboard.  Get it, Mom?  Overboard?  Hee Hee!


  1. Well I think the girls look adorable in their navy and white! Great pictures!

  2. Biggie's first Easter suit was a little sailor suit that he promptly outgrew within hours of us purchasing it. Which, in retrospect, was a blessing. He looked like one of the village people. YOUR girlies are simply delicious, however. Love it.

  3. just absolutely love your family and your posts. you are so blessed

  4. They are adorable. I am with Mama Hop! I was so sad when Alayna out grew her sailor dress we had family pics taken in last year. Super cute girlies!

  5. My word I wanna take a bite out of that Josie! And the outfit is beyond cute!

  6. Babies always rock a sailor suit.

    My 3 sons all wore them.

    I think its the only time in your life when a Peter Rabbit jumpsuit is acceptable.

  7. SO CUTE. I don't think I'd ever seen a picture of a little, blonde-headed Leanne before - she was (and still is!) so pretty. :) And that photo of the 3 of you just screams late '80's/early '90's! Where are the teased up bangs?

    And OMG ch - the comment about the Village People made me choke on my drink. :)

  8. I giggle but really - I feel the "pain".

    Ev has a navy and white attire with a collar that she doesn't fit yet. Dreading (not really) when she will fit it lol.

    LOVE the girls in their outfits. Too cute!!

  9. Hey Little Mama - I think you should pack your things and march right down to the nearest photography studio TOMORROW and get these two their Christmas 2011 pictures taken!! Maybe they have a 'backdrop' that is BLUE AND WHITE! :-) ((hugs to Josie and Merryn))