Thursday, November 3, 2011

Big Man, Little Cup

This blog has documented our ongoing attempts to free Josie from her feeding tube dependence.  We've followed the advice of therapists, gotten creative, and tried some crazy things.  Lately it's occurred to us that modeling is such a powerful force when it comes to Josie's interest in food.  In other words, if it's on our plates, she wants it.  If we're feeding her and she's refusing to eat her meal, often times pretending like we're eating it will spark her interest again.  So when her interest in drinking plateaued recently, we swallowed our dignity and decided we would incorporate modeling into dinner time.

Exhibit A: Big Macho Man, Little Bear Cup

Yes, my husband, the picture of masculinity, has begun drinking his nightly beverage out of a little plastic bear with a straw. 

Just don't tell his college frat buddies! 


  1. oh, sweet travis...and is that a lonely honey bear i see unattended by mom's plate, too? you guys are the BEST.

  2. Hey! Real men drink from bears. It's a known fact :)

    But did it work

  3. ha! we had to do that with Brooke too when she went on a drinking strike!

  4. I LOVE it! Alexander has a feeding tube and he uses it. We fought it for a long time because he does experience hunger - ... he just won't take enough calories orally. And he refuses to take liquids. He also wants what is on our plates. Let me know what finally works - because that is what we will do too :)

    Good Luck. I mean that in the MOST sincere way. Kristen

  5. Love your blog. My mom is an OT/feeding therapist and loves using these with her clients! Most more videos btw. THey always bring a smile to my face:)

  6. Hey Little Mamma, is that catfish with ketchup on the table? No wonder Josie is smiling! How about matching PINK sippy cups around next?

  7. I'm kinda surprised he let you take the picture, then post it for all to see! :)

    Such a great dad!