Thursday, December 8, 2011


As previously discussed, Josie loves shoes!  She gets excited when she sees them and she yells "Ooze!"  It's the same level of enthusiasm that she yells with when she sees Merryn and excitedly proclaims "Baaaaaaby!"  She just can't say it calmly.  This new found enthusiasm for shoes is what made today a big day for Josie.  She got fitted for her very own pair of SureStep SMO's (Supra Malleolar Orthosis). 

Supra what?!  SMO's are an orthopedic device designed to provide more stability to children who tend to experience pronation due to low muscle tone.  Bea, Josie's wonderful physical therapist, recommended SureSteps to boost Josie's stability just enough to give her the confidence she needs to start walking. 

A couple of weeks ago, Bea brought over a pair of SMO's for Josie to try on.  Josie thought her new "ooze!" were the coolest things she'd ever seen, and she did appear more stable on her feet:
So Bea arranged for Josie to be custom fitted for her very own pair.  Since this was such a special day for Josie JoJo, she got all dressed up in her snazzy new dress with matching tights from her YaYa.  Here she is on the exam table ready to meet the orthotist, Dave:
Dave wanted Josie to stand up on the floor so he could examine her natural alignment. 
Josie didn't want to put her diva feet down on the cold floor so she insisted Dave go get her some paper towels to stand on.
After Bea and Dave assessed Josie's hypotonia induced pronation issues, Dave got out his special tools and took many measurements of Josie's foot.  He even marked on her ankles which gives her an extra edgy, tattooed biker chick type look.  Dad hopes she enjoyed those little dots because that's as close to "tattoed biker chick" as Josie's ever going to get as far as he's concerned!
And because she is now part of an elite group of kiddos who successfully completed this grueling examination, not only will she get a badge of honor in the form of her very own pink orthoses, but she also got to select a sticker to display on the wall beneath her autograph.
Josie's new "ooze" should arrive before the holidays and we can't wait to see the results!


  1. my daughter just got her sure steps smos and she loves them. i bet josie will not want to take them off once she gets hers because thats how my daughter is

  2. Custom made shoes, what girl wouldnt love that!?!

  3. VERY cute jumper, sportin' the new hairdo, AND new shoes custom made for her beautiful toes - what more could ANY girl want? ((hugs))

  4. Alayna loves her Sure steps, they definitely give her the support she needs.
    Love that your PT went with you. Awesome!

  5. Emily loves her suresteps, they definately gave her the support she needed to start walking. She never complains about them at all and we are about to get fitted for our second pair :-)

  6. I've never heard of these. It's amazing how things have changed over the years. We always just tried to have Beth wear strong, fitted shoes, nothing like flip flops or sandles. Beth has severe flat feet.

    Will Josie's shoes help prevent that?

  7. Do you have to get a script for these or just go to a place that offers these? My son's PT mentioned orthopedics. I want to get some for him ASAP.

    1. Yes, they require a prescription. Our PT contacted our pediatrician about it. Sadly, these were not the miracle we were expecting them to be. This post was written more than a year ago and Josie still isn't a full-time walker.