Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ate Poison?!?! Another classic email from Aunt Leanne

dear sister elizabeth fried frice nckame

i was got sick

i went to dr

ray x


i better

on friday night

ate poisonme

colesaw dressing disgutirg
catfish ketchup and tater sacuce

goton robe

to much salt pepper


toast with butter





hug rugrats

love leanne chesebugers

Poor Leanne went and got sick.  After a chest x ray, she was diagnosed with a mild case of pneumonia.  Since starting her medicine, she's feeling much better. 

At least Leanne's illness hasn't destroyed her hearty appetite and you know she takes her food very seriously.  On Friday night, she was extremely upset that my mom tried to "poison" her with the "disgusting" coleslaw that accompanied her catfish with ketchup!  No, Mama Hop didn't make it.  She's never made a disgusting meal in her life.  It was take out from a certain grocery store deli which shall remain nameless because we don't want to get sued like Oprah and the cattle farmers.  Leanne sure knows how to employ the fine art of hyperbole, doesn't she?  And to make matters worse, she got tarter sauce on her beloved robe.  It sounds like her dinner caused her more suffering and anguish than the pneumonia!

Oh Leanne, we certainly hope you feel better soon.  Start by laying off the coleslaw, Toots!


  1. Poor Leanne!! I love reading your blog! (always making me giggle)

  2. That picture of Leanne is so pretty!!!

  3. What a beautiful photo of Leanne, love it!
    Sweet Leanne, hope she's feeling better soon! Thanks for the smile!!!

  4. So funny, but hoping Leanne feels better soon. And I agree. That is a beautiful photo of that gorgeous lady!

  5. Jumping on the bandwagon, what a gorgeous photo of Leanne.

  6. I agree - what a beautiful picture of Leanne. I hope you feel better quickly Leanne.

  7. what a great pic of her!
    and love the email...