Thursday, February 9, 2012

Aunt Leanne Blogs

dear everbody we
fun  sitier
new galass
blue and green frames
lens creafters
store i
we went  to mall last
night last
is fun her
change baby new dipper
she wigle too much
fappcinao vallna bea
and strawbrry cream
cholaclate chip  and cream whip
hang bibs 
read book
thnks comepliment
hair styeyle
mom better
done now finnsh love them


  1. i apologize for not noticing the new glasses frames, leanne. i believe i was distracted by your glorious new 'do. i have wild wigglers at diaper time, too, and prefer to hand off the duty whenever possible. please let me know if you find an expert who can wrangle 33 pounds into a size five so i can send biggie to them on a regular basis.
    hugs to your mom. hope she's feeling better so soon!
    thanks for taking time to blog. i know that slave driver sister of yours keeps you busy.

  2. Love your new glasses Leanne! I'm also happy to hear that Mama Hop is doing well.:) You did a good job changing Merryn too. Babies are very wiggly aren't they? :)

  3. Love your new glasses and your new hairdo! You have been working hard, I am sure your nieces are happy to have you around.

  4. Leanne, you look fabulous with the new look...The glasses makes you look simply elegant and your hairdo I say you are working it....You are an amazing aunt to your two nieces...they appreciate it.

  5. You look great Leanne! And look how big Merryn is now! Hope your Mama's doing well.

  6. Aunt Leann, you rock! Are you ever coming to Florida so your fans down here can meet you?

  7. Leanne, I'm glad you could visit and blog. It's always great to hear from you. Are you working too hard because it looks like you are. Be sure get plenty of Starbucks so that you have enough energy to change all of those diapers. I really like your new glasses. I hope to hear from you again soon.