Monday, February 20, 2012

The reason no one says TGIM

There's a reason no one says TGIM.  We have a restaurant called "Friday's" but if we had a restaurant called "Monday's,"  would you want to patronize it?  Not so appealing, huh?  Today the girls had a case of the Monday's (name that movie).  You know it's bad when Josie gets fussy.

Of course they had to gang up on me!  It's Monday after all. 
So we decided to pack up and go for a ride. 

All we needed was a Starbucks Drive-Thru and the wide open road and suddenly peace was restored!
Hey, this ain't my first rodeo!


  1. Cute :-) The car doesn't work for my girls and never has. Isn't that depressing?! Glad you found peace. Whatever it takes momma!

  2. i used to do that with rachel. charlie isn't a fan of falling asleep in the car though. he IS getting better at not freaking out in it! aren't starbucks drive=-thrus the best?!

  3. So cute! Sometimes the only remedy for a case of the Mondays is a little drive and a cup of coffee :-)

  4. Lucky you that the car ride did the trick... my kids NEVER slept in the car (they were afraid they were going to miss something!) I have read that if you put the baby seat ON your clothes dryer and set it on HIGH, same results and less gas $$!