Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Whatever you do, don't call her "Josie"

You can tell her second birthday is just around the corner because our little diva is sporting some major 'tude these days! Awhile back, Josie decided that the name "Josie" just doesn't suit her and she deemed herself "JoJo". Whenever asked what her name is, Josie points her sassy little finger and emphatically proclaims "JoJo!" Everyday, Josie becomes more and more adamant about this name change - to the point where she will now correct us if we call her "Josie". But I realized she really meant business when I walked past the playroom the other day and I witnessed her correct one of her toys.

That's right! YaYa and PaPa bought this really cool singing dog as a Christmas present for Merryn. It can be programmed to say a child's name. It has a database of 50,000 names and somehow "Merryn" didn't make the list. must be the 50,001 most popular baby name. Anyway, Travis went ahead and programmed the singing dog to say "Josie" instead. This decision made total sense because while both girls enjoy the singing dog, Josie definitely dominates her time. And Josie isn't afraid to put that singing dog in her place...

That animated canine better obey those orders, or it's straight to the pound!


  1. We have the same dog... Sheesh, what is worse, Violet or Elmo?

  2. Hilarious! I'm sticking with Jojo as I don't want to get in trouble with Little Miss

  3. Oh my, that is SO adorable!

  4. The girl KNOWS who she IS!!! Love it!!!
    Sunnie in NC

  5. Ok then JO-JO it is!!! she is just adorable...