Monday, January 30, 2012

A Special Visitor

Look who was here to greet Josie when she woke up from here afternoon nap:

Josie was so excited to see him!  Her sister, on the other hand, required a little warm up period.  You see, Merryn is experiencing a little "Stranger Anxiety" these days; not that Papa is a stranger.  Maybe a better term for this little developmental stage is "Everybody-Except-Mom-Anxiety".  It's really nothing personal.  Merry-Go-Round is a temperamental little gal.  She goes from perfectly pleasant to Aunt-Leanne-in-the-robe-department-at-Kohls in 2 seconds flat!

But Little Miss M finally relaxed and we coaxed them all into a group photo.
And of course you can't be a visitor to our home for more than 10 minutes without being serenaded by the vocal stylings of Josie's BFF, Elbow.
Her love for Elbow runs deep.  And like any good groupie, Josie is clearly identified by her attire, which coordinates perfectly with Elbow's. 
Speaking of attire, Merryn had a little Pampers malfunction that mandated a wardrobe change.  It's a good thing her previous dress was brown...just sayin'! 
Josie showed Papa how much she loves to tickle her baby sister.  Merryn dissolves into giggles instantly!  It's kind of like a Tickle Me Elbow, only better! 

We're so glad Papa's business trip allowed him to be in town and stop by for a visit this afternoon.  Hopefully he can stay a little longer next time.  Safe travels, Papa!


  1. Love the picture of Papa and the girls. So very sweet. :)

  2. Love how much she loves her Elmo - sweet sweet pictures!


  3. Having a baby sister to tickle is way better than Elmo! I love how she looks at her papa with such admiration!

  4. Oh my goodness your girls get cuter and cuter! We have an elmo we should send you, NEVER.BEEN.TOUCHED! Haha