Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why Leanne Needs Her Own Reality TV Show

Until about 9pm last night, I thought this would be your standard, run-of-the-mill, Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne are here visiting post.  I envisioned including cute pictures like this one of Josie and her beloved rocking horse from Mama Hop...
And this one of the girls riding the "I Love My Aunt" train...
I even thought it would be kind of cute to include these photos of Josie eagerly bestowing affection upon her Aunt Leanne first thing in the morning...
Isn't that sweet?
But around 9pm last night, the plan changed.  You see, we were just sitting around chatting when Travis and Leanne started to discuss Leanne's next birthday.  It may not seem like a relevant conversation topic seeing as how it's not happening until June, but Aunt Leanne always starts planning for her birthday months in advance. 

I wish I would've been filming the actual conversation because the look on Travis' traditional-old-fashioned-conservative-midwestern-History-Channel-watching-talk-radio-lovin' face was really the best part.  But I didn't have the camera handy; I didn't see it coming anymore than Travis did.  But because it was one of those priceless Leanne moments, I asked her to recount on film this morning:

And just to clarify, that while Travis does have a reputation for wearing questionable ensembles in public, he did not go to Home Depot looking like this:
I only captured one full-length photo of Travis yesterday and it's not a good one but it does help exonerate him from Leanne's wardrobe slander:
In Leanne's defense, that's exactly what Travis wears for pajamas (or a "nightgown" as she so masculinely phrased it). 

Ladies and gentleman, if I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: Leanne deserves her own reality tv show.  It's the only way these little gems will be captured in real-time and preserved for posterity.  So if everyone reading could tap into their six degrees of separation and contact any reality show producers you may know, that would be fantastic.  You'd rather watch Aunt Leanne's Auntics (get it?  Catchy!) than Jersey Shore anyway, right? 

Stay tuned.  She'll be here all week!


  1. That is hilarious. I love Leanne. We adopted a little girl with DS and Leanne makes me Look forward to her being an adult. Although a little scared too, lol, because of the stubbornness. I think I can be stubborn, but our little girl is stubborn and a half :), and I think we may have many stories like the bathrobe story.

  2. Clearly, on their list of priorities "Pleasing Mom" holds equally low for both Pudge and Leanne. Let me know when MTV calls, Leanne. I need to set my DVR.

  3. Rolling on the floor laughing. Oh Travis how could you wear your nightgown to Home Depot. Hahahaha!!!!!!!!!! We would be watching every episode!

  4. Oh, come on, just one Tramp Stamp! Maybe it can say "World's Best Aunt" lol!!

  5. While I don't recommend a tramp stamp for anyone I would definitely advocate for Leanne to get a tattoo!!! We got one for our sister (with DS) just over a year ago! She had wanted one for years :)

  6. I hate reality TV, but would love a 24/7 Aunt Leanne channel!

  7. Hilarious! I am a reality tv expert and I think you may be onto something!

  8. So funny! I would definitely tune in to the Auntics.

  9. Love it! My Brad is the SAME way! I always say we should cancel cable when he stays with us! TOO funny!


  10. LOL!!!! Sweetness aunt Leanne talking about "tramp stamps" just made my morning.

  11. LOVE it! I would totally watch Aunt Leanns show!