Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Little Pick-Me-Up from Aunt Leanne

We had a stressful day today but it quickly turned around when I received this thoughtful email from my fabulous sister. Have I mentioned how kind and considerate she is?
Thanks, Leanne - you are the best!
dear sister
fry rice josiecatfish
for you
hope you fell better
went school
work that is
love leanne


  1. Sorry for your stressful day. Hope tomorrow is much better. Sweet emails from your sister, who can beat that?

  2. Hey Little Mama - take some deep breaths, turn up your favorite rock music, get out the haagen dazs! I am more worried about Aunt Leanne - this is the first time she did not mention what she had for supper!! Is the Queen Mother neglecting her home cooked, perfectly balanced meals?? :- )

  3. You can always count on your good 'ol Cheeseburger Head!!

  4. Bless her heart....I love Leanne's emails.:) Thank you for sharing and I hope your tomorrow is a better day.:)

  5. how sweet of her to do that. Just found your blog through Patti from a Perfect Lily, I am so glad to find an adult sibling who is younger than their sibling with DS. It's really hard for me to find others who know what its like & am so glad I found your blog. I enjoyed your post on Pattis blog & look forward to looking back on your blog.
    From a fellow sib who has a 24 yr old sister with ds & hopes to adopt when I am older & married or single! Thanks so much, Leah

  6. Love it. My DS son Chad was nicknamed Cheddar. We called him Cheddar Cheese Caesar Salad. Why or how it got far? no idea. :) I just found your blog through Perfect Lily. I am in love with your sister and you little girl. You are very blessed.