Monday, March 12, 2012

Picnic on the porch

Here in the Midwest, we've been blessed with an exceptionally mild winter and judging by the delightful temperatures we've seen lately, it appears as though spring is arriving early!  The girls and I have made it our mission to head out for a nice, long walk everyday.  However, today Mother Nature wasn't exactly welcoming us with open arms... instead of venturing out into the impending doom, we decided to tweak our plans a bit and enjoy the warm breeze with a picnic on the porch.
Under the shelter of the covered porch, with quick and easy access to the door, we dined together.
The girls could hardly wait to consume the delicacies I had prepared.  Josie feasted on Goldfish crackers while Merryn munched on a plastic bib.
And I wish I could tell you that the self-feeding skills displayed in this collage are as impressive as they appear but what you are witnessing folks, are Josie's supurb acting skills.  Apparently feeding therapy is merely preparing Josie to accept her Oscar.
Overall, we had a great time with our little picnic.

Later this afternoon, Grammie Deb (next door neighbor/freelance meteorologist) informed us that the radar was clear and we were able to head out on our daily stroll through the neighborhood.
Gotta love Spring!


  1. Looks like fun - and the dog can be on clean up! Love the 'double stroller!' I thought Merryn was eating a giant fruit roll up! lol

  2. Ellie LOVES plastic bibs, even though she can eat real food. The bibs are so good...

  3. I love that stroller!! What brand is it?? We are about to have a 4 year old (with DS, the size of a 2 year old) and an infant and need something handy like this!




  4. I can't believe how big Merryn is! and her and Josie look so much alike...*love*

  5. I also would love to know what kind of stroller that is! My sister and my brother are each welcoming new babies in the next couple of months and each have small children at home as well! This would make great gifts for both of them!

    and I absolutely adore Jo-Jo (or is she okay with being Josie again?) and her personality! I think I watched the video of her refusing to walk about 8 times! lol.