Thursday, March 1, 2012


Little Josie she's as pretty as the angels when they sing.

I can't believe I'm down here in the basement in this swing,

Just a swingin' (swingin')

Ok, that little intro will be lost on anyone who's not a John Anderson fan but Mama Hop will appreciate it. Josie will be two in March and she still isn't remotely interested in walking. She prefers not to fight gravity but instead, to stay at close to the ground as possible; she feels safer that way. Our wonderful physical therapist, Bea, will stop at nothing to ensure that Josie will take her first steps one of these days. She keeps coming up with creative ideas to encourage Miss Cautious to enjoy movement. She may have outdone herself this time.  Introducing Josie's new net swing:
Swings offer powerful sensory input.  Therapists use different types of swings to reinforce various therapy objectives for children; in Josie's case, it will be used to stimulate her vestibular system and promote the enjoyment of moment.

Here's dad making some last minute adjustments to her new swing.
He gives Josie a little pep talk before we begin.
And she's off!
 While the swing is supposed to have more of a hammock shape, Dad insisted on pinning up the sides of the net to ensure that Josie didn't fall out.  Yes, we realize she looks like she stepped into some sort of cartoon trap and got caught in a net...
...but she likes it! 
Thanks, Bea.  You just might turn her into a little daredevil after all!


  1. As parent's we will do anything for our children, even swing them in the basement in a net! We used to sit Grayson on the back of the recliner and rock him fast to help him with similar issues. Rock on Josie JO JO!

  2. Our girls would be waiting in line for that one! Looks like fun Josie!

  3. v loves swings, although she does not have one at home quite as cook as Josie's! Looks like fun! Love that last pic of Josie, she is such a doll!