Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Papa Effect

Papa was back in town on business this week and he decided to stay the weekend to hang out with the girls.  He immediately drew a crowd.
There must be something special about Papa for our dog to willingly get that close to the rug rats.  This NEVER happens!

 Josie was extremely hospitable.  And as etiquette mandates, Josie shared her most prized possessions with Papa, including her singing animal collection.
Check out the look of amazement on Papa's face!  It's almost as if he's never seen a hen sing "Whoomp!  There is is" while laying eggs before. 
(Thanks for the suggestion, Amanda)

When Papa called to check in with YaYa, Josie got to talk on the phone with her beloved cousin Abby.  We're hoping to be able to head out West and visit Abby this summer.

 While Papa was here, Josie did something that made us so proud - she pulled herself up on the magazine rack!  This is monumental because Josie never rises above a kneel.
But this impressive display of skills and abilities was just the beginning.  Upon receiving a sparkly sippy cup as a souvenir from Papa's recent business trip to Paris, Josie decided to demonstrate her drinking skills.  Standing and oral fluid intake all in one weekend?!  Papa needs to stop by more often!
Little Sister even got in on the action by enjoying her first drink from a sippy cup.  Our babies are growing up!

 On top of all of this, both girls took a two-and-a-half hour nap SIMULTANEOUSLY on Saturday.  Hallelujah! 
We can't get enough of the "Papa Effect" so he's encouraged to come visit anytime he wants to.  Thanks for everything, Papa!  


  1. Let us know when business takes Papa to Kansas City!!! We could use some of that effect around here, too!!!!

  2. The chicken! Ha Ha! I would say the simultaneously napping is worth a live-in Papa! :)