Thursday, April 26, 2012

Josie Gets Her Ears Lowered

Today, Josie got her ears lowered.  That's such a weird expression but my dad always used to say it so this is a tribute to him.  We waited forever for Josie's hair to come in.  We documented her hair struggles along the way.  Remember this one?
That was a doozy!  You can read about it here.

Travis endearingly referred to himself and Josie as "the baldies" for so long, it seemed like this day would never arrive.  However, Josie's ends were starting to get scraggly so it was time for her very first haircut.
She wasn't so sure about the cape at first...
...but she quickly warmed up to the idea.
Just like her Aunt Leanne, she's never one to shun the spotlight nor decline pampering and attention!
In no time at all, she was finished and looking even more beautiful than when we walked in!
Gorgeous Dahling!


  1. oh my oh my! I am in love with that sweet Josie!!! and the new haircut just suits you perfectly! OXOXO Katie

  2. So beautiful!

    (I knew that expression, my mom said it all the time. But I will admit, when I first read your title, I thought 'what was wrong with her ears that she would need this unigue surgery?' Then after 3 seconds I remembered, 'Oh yea! Hair cut!) :)

  3. Pretty girl :)

  4. Such a momentous day for your little. Soon it will be her toes and nails she wants painted, soaked, and fabulatized like her mama's. Anyone get their hair done will embrace the day. Hugs to you all:)