Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another Disasterous Photo Shoot

Inspired by adorable matching outfits given to the girls by Mama Hop, I decided to attempt yet another photo shoot.  Josie knew she looked good and she started working it like nobody's business!  The results were so cute, it's impossible to choose a favorite:
Meanwhile, her sister, wasn't feeling so cooperative.  Those two little chicklets poking out of her lower gums are about to get some neighbors and  Miserable Merryn was in no mood for mom's portrait sitting.
But I'm not one to give up easily (I inherited a little bit of Aunt Leanne's stubbornness) so I enlisted in Josie's help to try and garner some cooperation from her sister.  I gave her a few Cheerios to use as leverage. 

When that didn't work, I called in the big guns: Dad.  Certainly our little crab wouldn't be able to resist the charm of Dad's goofy faces.  After all, he is the fun parent, right? 
Maybe not.  Girlfriend was just not in the mood to put the "Merry" in "Merryn".

You win some...

...and you lose some.
Better luck next time!


  1. Hey one out of two isn't bad! LOL

  2. Oh, but they're both so cute! As they say, third times the charm! Hopefully you'll get her to smile next time.

  3. You have two beautiful girls! I love all of their photos!

  4. Maybe you can photoshop those outfits onto the swing pictures...haha!

  5. Awww, the pictures of Josie are adorable. You can tell that her sister is just miserable though, poor thing. I have 5 children from 26 down to 10 and how I remember those days! I personally think those crying ones are cute. That's who they are some days! Fuss budgets!

  6. I say--give up the photo shoots and the stress that goes along with it!! Your candids are spectacular!!!!
    Sunnie in NC