Monday, May 28, 2012

A Modeling Tutorial from Aunt Leanne

No one has ever accused my sister of being a wallflower.  She has never met a stranger, never shied away from the limelight, and she takes confidence to a whole new level.  Even just a simple act of trying on her birthday clothes becomes a forum to showcase her spunk.  The fact that she looks stunning in her new wardrobe is irrefutable.  But it isn't the clothes that turn heads; it's the model.  Here's a little pictorial tutorial on how to make any outfit look sensational:

1.  Hands on hips - You remember when your mom assumed this hands-on-hips stance when you were a child; she meant business!  Putting your hands on your hips in a photo shows the world that you are in charge.  It says "I own this outfit!"
2.  Embrace the light - This move says "The spotlight was invented for ME!"  Soak it up!
3. Keep 'em guessing - Is it sassy hair flip?  A cupped ear eliciting praise from an audience?  Or perhaps an inverted nod to Rodin's "The Thinker" (Mama Hop is going to be so proud that I paid attention in art history class!)?  No matter how you slice it, she has captured our attention and made us wonder.
4. Bust a Move - A cross between "Stayin' Alive" and "Walk Like an Egyptian," this pose has flair!  It takes confidence to resurrect a dance move that is several decades old.  It says "I could be mummified or in polyester bell bottoms and still be cool, so there's no question I make this petites separates ensemble from Kohl's look incredible!"

With a little modeling guidance from Aunt Leanne, you too, can put Heidi Klum to shame.

Work it, Girl!


  1. You go, Leanne! This made me smile!

  2. She has style! She has flair! I'm gonna find my coupon and go to Kohl's. See, they should give her commission.

  3. I LOVE her. Love. Seriously made my day with these pics. Awesome. :):)

  4. Great fashion show! She DOES look beautiful in all those outfits!