Thursday, June 28, 2012

Physical Therapy Playdate

Today we had the pleasure of having our adorable buddy, Hadley, over.  Josie and Hadley share the same physical therapist (our beloved Bea) so we all got together for a physical therapy playdate!
When you look up "Cute" in the dictionary, this is what you should see!

Josie showed Hadley her favorite toys including her farm animal figurines, her musical instruments, and of course, her singing animals!  Funny that Hadley zeroed in on the exact same toy that Josie loved the most when she was Hadley's age!
Then Bea arrived and started cracking the whip! 
Josie is working on a new method of getting down when she's pulled herself up because the stand-there-and-whine-for-help approach isn't working for mom.
Hadley is working on strengthening her muscles and learning to contain her excessive hip abduction.  Her mom said she rocks her Hip Helpers around the clock!
You go girl!

You know what else is really cool about Hadley?  She's got a sassy pants attitude face to rival Josie's and she's only one!  Her mom better watch out!

Having so much fun with her good buddy, Hadley, put Josie in a very affectionate mood.
This may look sweet but I'm pretty sure Josie is clenching her teeth hissing "Squeeze!" while trying to get her sister in a headlock.  It's her latest trick.

 Hadley didn't escape Josie's warm embrace either.
We hope she'll come back and play again soon anyway!

P.S.  Since I am a firm believer in the power of blogosphere prayers, we would really appreciate some prayers for Josie JoJo who is embarking on a little adventure tomorrow.  More on that later!


  1. I love checking my email and finding a new post from you. It helps to start my day off with a smile. I just love watching those girls with their antics and milestones. My "babies" are grown and no grandchildren yet. I had all boys so no girls to sew or buy cuties things. That's another plus I get to see what they're wearing today. :) {Hugs} from Sandy in NC.

  2. Super cute! Adorable play date and PT who could beat that? Praying for Josie Jo!

  3. I agree with Sandy with the checking of the email and finding a new post from you. I enjoy watching Josie reaching her milestone. She is my Amalia's cheerleader.... Will be praying of Josie!

  4. So cute Baby! That's a grate blog I found today, Must be see you regularly.