Saturday, June 9, 2012

Week In Review

We have been noticeably absent from the blogosphere but with good reason - we have had a frantic, jam-packed, head-spinning, mind-losing, frenzied week of non-stop commitments.  Here's a summary, by the numbers:

2 - Number of road trips we took this week to the Down syndrome clinic where Josie had appointments for feeding therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, a Down syndrome-related check-up, and a new Mic-Key button.
25 - (miles per hour) The speed I should have been going when I got pulled over by a law enforcement official during one of the aforementioned road trips.  Seriously, people - 25 MPH is difficult to do!  It's like riding your brake!
0 - Number of tickets I had received prior to Friday.  Mr. Police Officer did not seem impressed by my pristine driving record.  He did not care that I was voted "Best Driver" in high school.  He didn't even drop the authoritative scowl when I rolled down the window and Josie excitedly proclaimed "Glasses!  GLASSES!" when she saw that his eyes were covered by dark and mysterious shades.   He eagerly handed me my first ticket, EVER, hereby obliterating my flawless driving record.  I know I deserved it but it was still a major bummer!
5 - Number of days this week my girls wore matching/coordinating outfits.  Even though the cheesiness quotient is high, I can't help myself! 
4 - Number of folks we encountered this week who recognized us from the blog.  It's always so much fun to encounter blog readers even if most of you do seem completely disappointed that Leanne isn't with us.  I know, I know -  we love her, too! 

And the following are filed under "I can't count that high":
    • Number of times Josie defiantly told me (and every therapist and medical provider) "No!" this week. Hello Terrible Twos!
    • Number of Usher Songs I've heard this week. - I'd like to apologize to anyone who was dining at Buffalo Wild Wings on Wednesday night.  I realize no one wants to hear five Usher songs in a row topped off by Justin Bieber.  But when it makes your kid sit happily while you enjoy your meal, you'd gladly feed the jukebox dollar bills to hear the vocal stylings of Atlanta's finest R&B crooner.  And it was a genuine accident that the one song played three times in a row.  Travis was mortified.  I said, "No one knows we were the ones responsible" at which point he gestures over to Josie who was the only person in the restaurant gyrating in her seat with her hands in the air proclaiming "Hands up!"  ...Busted! 
And now for the photos...
Travis and Josie in the waiting room at the Feeding Clinic
The girls are still practicing walking with the gait trainer and it's become apparent that the motor is in the back. 

Travis' Dad was in town on business this week and the girls were preparing to show Papa how this new system works.  Merryn turned around to wave to Papa and without warning, Josie took off!  Merryn's feet fell out from under her but she hung on to the gait trainer for dear life and was drug down the hall as Travis and Papa collapsed into laughter.  It's a good thing Mom was there to save her :-)
Matching ensembles featuring summer's hottest trend - neon!  80's Flashback!
Speaking of our affinity for matching attire, we couldn't turn up for the first day of swimming lessons without coordinating strawberry bathing suits.  Lookin' good, Ladies!
Three guesses as to the music Josie was jamming to in this series of photos...

Funniest photo of the week

Note: The following two photos were taken during nap time so neither subject was up for posing.
We found time to squeeze in a long overdue trip to the doggy day spa for Miss Lillian.  Drop off and pick up were a sight to behold with a double stroller bursting with energetic munchkins and a feisty 4lb Maltese in the storage compartment below.
The most cautious child to walk the planet got her first bruise today when she somehow banged her head against the foot board on our bed.  Two years old and her first injury - a stark contrast to our youngest child who is a perpetually-bruised, fearless, daredevil.  Maybe Merryn is finally rubbing off on JoJo.  After a phone call to both Dad and Mama Hop where Josie pathetically proclaimed "Head!  Head!" over and over and milked them for all of the sympathy they could muster, she was finally able to move on with her day.

The length of that blog post undoubtedly compensates for a week of absence from the blogosphere.  Let's pray that this upcoming week allows us more downtime for blogging and other fun activities.  Stay tuned - Aunt Leanne will be back soon!


  1. Love the pictures of Josie being a great big sister. She's just trying to help Merryn get her walking skills up to snuff. Just helping. Lol. We know all about how big sisters like to help out the little sisters.

    And cheesy or not, the girls are adorable in their little matching outfits. Enjoy it now, mine won't even begin to let me coordinate them for pictures.

  2. Lovely to see the post, we've missed you :-) glad your all well!
    Hope the clinic went well! Natalie xxxx

  3. Sorry about the ticket. I was so hoping Josie's cuteness saved you that one! LOL