Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Josie's Medley

We've already established that Josie LOVES singing and dancing to music. This afternoon her indecisiveness about what song she wanted to sing created quite the medley of her greatest hits. Warning: Do not watch unless you REALLY love The PiƱa Colada song. 


  1. Too funny! I have been singing the Pina Colada song and You Are My Sunshine to my 5 yr old granddaughter for several months now. She makes me youtube them both every night. Im going to have to share this video of Josie singing these songs, she will think it is great!!! Such a cutie...you need to come up with a song with both of these mixed into it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a cutie. Already mixing her own music. I think she's a prodegy.

  3. I have lurked for well over a year and just sat and watched this all the way through and HAD to comment. Absolutely adorable. She reminds me a lot of my cousin Madilyn who also has DS. Josie is just precious.