Friday, September 14, 2012

Diva 201: Bust a Move

Just to clarify about Wednesday's post, those pictures were not taken with the intention of replicating famous Marilyn Monroe photos.  Leanne was not instructed to pose a certain way.  The Marilyn Monroe similarities dawned on me after the fact.  I Googled "Marilyn Monroe" and suddenly I recognized a ton of Leanne's signature poses!  It was too funny not to share.  It appears as though Marilyn has been reincarnated as a 35 year-old diva with Down syndrome!

Speaking of divas, Josie's rigorous diva training has advanced to the next level: dancing.
Her renowned instructor demonstrates how to turn Down syndrome into "Get Down" syndrome:

(Don't ask me what she's wearing.  I have no explanation.)

While Josie puts forth a superb effort, she falls short on the booty shake.  Looks like in order to ace this class, Josie is going to need to learn to walk...or at least stand.  No worries - we're working on it!


  1. Leanne you are an awesome dancer...and You go girl with the booty shaking!!

  2. reason #1024 I wish I had an Aunt Leanne growing up! She is so fun!

  3. Just love these divas!

  4. Love this,my cheeks hurt from smiling ;)

  5. Presh! Thanks for sharing!