Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I found this on Pinterest and I loved the sentiment...
...but I take issue with the literal statement.  I loathe laundry.  I cannot fathom a day when I will miss it.

I know someday I will look back and undoubtedly miss this...
 ...and this
 ...and this (so so much).
 I will miss sweet interactions like this...
 ...and this.
Of course I will miss this...
 ...and maybe even this
 ...but definitely not the laundry.  However, the sentiment of the aforementioned quote is very important to remember.  And it is so easily lost in the day-to-day demands of laundry, yard work, diapers, dishes, baths, errands, tumbles, and tears...but it is essential to slow down and cherish these moments.  Yet another reason to be grateful for this blog...
...and for Mental Health Week
...but laundry?!


  1. That last picture is definitely some pretty cute laundry!

  2. Um nope can't say that I will miss laundry either! LOL

  3. Yep, even laundry---NEVER, EVER thought I would say that---my boys are now 28, 24 & 21....yes, even the laundry...