Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nowhere to be...

Mental Health Week: Day 2

Nothing ran on schedule today. Mom slept in. And by "slept in," this means Travis gently shaking me at 7am, announcing "the babies are awake" to which I groggily (is this a word?) reply, "we've got nowhere to be" and roll over.  As he departs for the office, his voice trails on a friendly warning about mom getting up and getting some coffee because "no one wants to deal with mom when she hasn't had her coffee"...


With no appointments to be on time for; no baths to rush through; no frenzied rush to get out the door, there was actually time to get out the skillet and make some eggs. 

Note to self: kids don't really dig eggs; stick to fruit, yogurt, and Cheerios.

The morning gently progressed and we leisurely transitioned from our pajamas to our clothes...

Funky new I'm-not-expecting-visitors-nor-leaving-the-house-so-why-not-experiment hairstyle de jour:
Mama Hop calls.  I politely ask to call her back, as we've just arrived at the park and we're ready to get our swing on.  "I thought you'd be finishing lunch and getting ready for nap..." she replies, sounding confused.  "Yeah, normally we would be.  But it's Mental Health Week and we've got nowhere to be..."
Notice anything missing?
Yeah, somehow Josie mistook "Mental Health Week" for "We Don't Need No Stinkin' Shoes Week" and she discarded her sandal quicker than Mama Hop could burn her bra circa 1968.  We had a nice long talk about it, complete with a very sincere apology...

And I just had a nice, fulfilling chuckle at the antagonistic "bra burning" accusation hurled at Mama Hop.  I can just picture her emotionally charged refute, "I never did that, Elizabeth!"  Mama Hop was raised by the nuns, and she takes great offense at me placing the gravity of the counter culture movement on her shoulders. 

Someday she'll start her own blog and I'll be sorry...

I love you, Mom!

Stay tuned for day 3 of Mental Health Week; you never know what's going to happen when we've got nowhere to be!


  1. Oh, that looks familiar. Ellie just figured out velcro.

    And what a good little talker!

  2. Had a big chuckle at the end there. "Just great"

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  4. I dont even put shoes on the baby anymore.. or socks!

  5. Your mama is gonna get you! LOL
    We have shoe taker offers here too. Dariya came home from school with her tennis shoes taped on b/c they were tired of having to put them back on...over and over...and over again! haha

  6. HAHAHAHAHA! You should know better than to cross your mama. :)

  7. There are tears from laughter running down my cheeks. Thank you for sharing JoJo.