Friday, September 21, 2012

Mental Health Week Exception

Yesterday we violated Mental Health Week rules and we went to treadmill therapy, but we had a good reason: it was Kody's last day in the pediatric therapy center.  Kody has been a big influence in Josie's life (you can read about it here) and we couldn't miss his last day!
Wearing the perma-grin she always spots when Kody is around, Josie happily displayed her  gross motor skills and abilities.  Kody, Katie, and I sat in a circle and convinced Josie to walk between us by offering hugs and squeezes.  There is no better incentive as far as Josie is concerned!
We sadly bid adieu to Josie's "big crush" and Josie professed her love for him one last time.
Kody has been such a positive influence in Josie's life and we are so grateful for the time he spent motivating Josie to want to continue to pursue her gross motor goals.  We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.  He will undoubtedly make a fantastic physical therapist!

We rounded out day 4 of Mental Health Week with a family trip to the park where we had a wonderful time wearing the girls out.  Thanks to all that exercise and fresh air, dinner and bedtime were a breeze.  
We're definitely going to have to do this more often!


  1. Well from all accounts you had a pretty amazing mental health week....thanks for sharing! Adorbs!

  2. I'm going to miss Kody, too. I enjoyed hearing about Josie's crush - especially the "I love Kody" video. Very cute. I think your week sounded so fun.

  3. ExceptionS - where is the funky hairdo?! Funky or normal, your kids are so darn cute! Makes me excited for Graceland sisters!

  4. Sounds like your week was wonderful. We have also been blessed by having wonderful therapists for Claire!