Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mental Health Week: The Conclusion

Mental Health Week: Day 5

In honor of our last day of Mental Health Week, we had "Pajama Day".  After their bath, the girls got right back into their pj's because we had nowhere to be.  Josie's funky hairstyle was a little less creative - simply a messy ponytail.  It complemented "Pajama Day" well.
After waking up from her nap, Josie informed me that she had to poop so I set her on the toilet.  At first she thought it was pretty cool but she got bored pretty quickly and the whining set in.  I begged her to "pee!" or "poop!" and each request was met with Josie's signature, emphatic "No!"  So I gave up and right as I was lifting her off the toilet, she backed the big brown motor home out of the garage and it landed right on the floor in front of the toilet!
Being the potty training novice that I am, the incident startled me and quite frankly, grossed me out, and I shrieked.  My outburst startled Josie who began crying.  I immediately set her back on the toilet where she finished her business!  

Go Josie!  We'll call that a success!
 We celebrated by having a "Potty Party" which consisted of sharing Goldfish crackers with Josie's beloved chicken.
 Yesterday we kicked off our weekend with a road trip to the local outlet mall.  The girls were in desperate need of winter clothes and we were all in need of an excursion.  Lucky for us, it was a little more successful than our last family trip to the outlet mall.
You know how Josie let's us know that she's had enough and is ready to leave?  She does this to her previously-perfectly-polished-and-perky pigtails:
She knows just how to push my buttons!  Obsessing over this child's hair is my favorite pastime and I don't like her to be seen in public looking less than meticulous so this was the perfect ticket out of her shopping misery.

Tomorrow it's back to the normal routine.  Overall, Mental Health Week was exactly what we needed and we would highly recommend it to anyone who is feeling a little overwhelmed with the pressures of seemingly endless commitments.  

Go ahead and take a break - Life will still be there when you get back!


  1. Awesome ending to the week. Well besides the turd on the floor but, that is all part of potty training! WOO HOO Josie girl!

  2. I love the face!!! Potty training is tough but the goldfish potty party is a fantastic idea!!!