Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Josie JoJo: From skill mastery to mom mockery

We've put Mental Health Week behind us and it's back to business as usual around here.  This means working on our skills & abilities, like flashcards at breakfast...
Josie loves learning her letters.  It's her incentive to drink.

...and more alphabet practice during bath time.

 Josie says "D is for Dad"

Josie is still working on walking...
She's usually not this enthused about it

...with the help of her walker and Sure Steps.

Self feeding skills are important.  Josie demonstrates proper use of a fork:

 But even though Mental Health Week is over, we are committed to integrating the basic principle behind the movement (Don't you love how taking one week off of therapy at our house now constitutes a "movement"?  Play along.) by taking time out to relax and have fun:

As always, Josie has new antics to showcase including doing a killer mom impersonation.  I never realized how much I used hand gestures while speaking until Josie came along to mock me.
Stay tuned - you never know what she'll come up with next!


  1. She is so smart!! I'm continually amazed!

  2. Too funny, 'First drink, then ballgame.' She has you pegged!!

  3. Love the video! When Alayna was 2 she pegged my mother's arm crossing with a hrumph sound to go with it. So hilarious. Busted Grandma!