Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Role Reversal

Josie's baby sister, Merryn, sometimes gets a bad rap around here.  She has a reputation for being a crier bit on the emotional side and to some degree, she's earned it.  Aunt Leanne has even been known to call attention to it and we all know that Aunt Leanne is nothing if not honest.

But during today's photo shoot, there was a bit of a role reversal.  You see, Merryn was perfectly pleasant.  There were so many photos of her smiling, that it was difficult to narrow it down to just one.
Merryn's sister, on the other hand, was in no mood to put the "jovial" in Josie.  If people with Down syndrome are known for their happy dispositions, then Josie's membership to this exclusive club is about to be revoked.  There was zero inkling of happy today.  

There was...





and the one that will be set aside for blackmail someday...
Boogered & bitter

...but definitely no "happy".  

Who knows - maybe she's a Michigan fan.


  1. Oh my goodness,I can't stop laughing..Poor Josie,honey that booger is hysterical.!erryn is a sweetheart.

  2. GO BLUE!

    AND LOL. LOL. AND LOL. MELANCHOLY can be used on a card or something. Awesome picture! LOL.

    Merryn looks adorable and content... she knew.. ;-) lol

    EEWWWWK at the boogie.

  3. You are freakin' hilarious! My favorite has to be "talk to the hand."

    Love those school colors!

  4. Oh, JO!!! We'll send you some purple wildcats to wear. That'll cheer you right up. Right. Up.

  5. Oh how adorable. Now, I'm not implying that all people with Down syndrome look alike, but Josie's expression in that first picture looks EXACTLY like my son when he's truly sad about something. I literally "awwwww'ed" out loud.