Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Weekend Overview by Aunt Leanne

As mentioned before, we had a very busy weekend.  We took a little road trip to Chicago!
Instagram pic from the car

The Windy City didn't know what it was in for - divas in the house!

There was way too much to cover in one blog post so we'll start with Friday.  The chilly weather made our original plan to visit the zoo significantly less appealing so we took the kids to a super cool indoor playground type place.  I'll let Aunt Leanne take it from here...
 kids  playing.peceful
 leanne pose
 easy brrzey cover gril
you funny

in  car
sing dance
play ball
clen up
Leanne was a huge help - so helpful that you'd think she was vying for a spot on the staff.  She spent a lot of time throwing stray balls back into the ball pit.  She has quite the affinity for tidiness :-) 
More on the rest of the Chi-town weekend later...

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