Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Shake Your Booty, Mom!

Down Syndrome Awareness Month: Day 3
No purposeful manifestos today; just a cute moment brought to you by a cute chromosomally enhanced kid!

On another note, it is with great excitement that we announce that Aunt Leanne is coming tomorrow and she's staying for a whole week!  Woo Hoo! 
Roll out the red carpet!


  1. Based upon your blog recommendation, I watched Monica and David last night. My local library has it. What a wonderful story. Their love is so pure.

  2. She is as cute as she is smart! SO adorable!

  3. love this.. we too are pulse ox wearing babes around here!!! nothing like a red light to enhance a piggy toe

  4. Oh man, I love your kid. Her speech skills continue to blow me away!

    We have Snuggle Up Sleepy Ones too...such a sweet book :)

  5. My 2 year old enoys watching Jo Jos videos and today after watching this one he said "shes a cutie!" Lol