Sunday, October 28, 2012

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming... extend a big "Welcome home!" to Dad, who spent the last eight days in India on a business trip.  Granted, we're trying to stay focused on Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and this really has nothing to do with Down syndrome, but it's a pretty big deal in our house. 
As soon as Dad walked in, both girls ran straight into his arms!
Because Love Machine (their dearly departed souvenir from Dad's last trip to India) was such a huge hit, the girls couldn't wait to see what Dad brought them this time:
 Dad was apologetic about the lack of Indian authenticity, but his shopping options were limited.  This reminds me of the time he brought me wine from Germany - it was actually from Italy but the label was in German :-)  After a little Googling, it appears as though these Vtech toys are not available in the US and they differ from our other toys because they sport a British accent - spot on! 
Not like the girls care where the toys are from.  They only care about the turf tug-o-war!

Merryn lost this round.  Her response: turn to mom sporting her best "That's not fair!" face and adamantly exclaim "Mo!" while signing "more."
 She rallied and went back for round two...
 Her perserverence paid off and she emerged victorious! 
Just look at that smirk!
By this point, Dad was able to free toy #2 from its packaging and tranquility was restored.
 Later in the day, Mom had a parenting gaffe that is undoubtedly the first of many: Josie held up the Dad figurine from her doll house, pointed between his legs, and said "Lady bits!" 
Yes, that's what yours truly taught her to call her anatomy.  *Cringe!* 
My response: "No, that's a boy.  He doesn't have 'lady bits,' he parts!"  She promptly repeated this new terminology and I was immediately filled with doubt that I'm leading her down the wrong path here. 
Deflated pigtails brought to you by her sister's newfound affinity for hair-pulling
When I appealed to my beloved husband for advice, he shrugged and said "You go ahead and make these decisions.  I'm here to support you!"  Gee thanks.  After texting a few parent friends, it seems as though the concensus is that Josie should learn the clinical terms for those body parts.  *Cringe!*  The problem is that Josie is so into labeling!  People come into our home and take off their shoes and she immediately points to their feet and says "Socks!" It's nothing for her to point to their eyes and say "Glasses!"  Girlfriend even tries to lift up shirts to locate people's belly buttons!  The last thing I need is for her to point to peoples' crotches and say...ugh!  I can't even type it! 
This is one of those moments that Travis likes to call "Amatuer Hour".  Kind of like when you don't clamp the tube before opening the port even though you've done it hundreds of times in the past...or for those that don't understand G tube anaologies, it's like leaving the opened bag of Goldfish crackers too close to the edge of the table.  What do you think is going to happen?!  Amatuer Hour!
Granted, parenting is an learning journey; a journey of trial by fire, trial and error, throwing-it-against-the-wall-and-seeing-if-it-sticks...and every other cliche for "I-have-no- idea-what-I'm-doing-but-I'll-figure-it-out-as-I-go".  Perhaps today was a failure.  There's always tomorrow!  Maybe my anatomy instruction will gain proficiency by then!


  1. LOL! You call them whatever you want!! My son was taught by my lovely husband to call his parts his junk, oh and then hubby told him peeing standing up (when he was teaching him) was peeing like a rockstar. Imagine my horror when my son told his preschool teacher that he pees out of his junk like a rockstar. Awesome. I have forbidden my husband from discussing or naming body parts with Ella. I call them her privates and we have lots of talks about keeping them private : )

  2. We said pee pee during the toddler years,

  3. We used pee pee during the toddler years, and taught clinical name by kindergarten. I try to be as a matter of fact about it as I can. What you are comfortable using is best, and you probably have an good idea on how they will later use that information. :)

  4. I follow lots of website with all these "good" people saying they use the real names. But I'm like you, I don't like the word. My boys have "willies" and I can't imagine that changing.
    On a side note, do you (or someone close) sew. Surely those outfits don't come from a shop. They are so gorgeous.

  5. do you always have them in matching outfits??

  6. Your hubby is so thoughtful! My husband travels to China often. You will have to give me tips on being a temporary single mom for a week. Baby is due at the end of January and our parents don't live nearby.

    In my family, we always called them "privates."

  7. I think you should go directly to Aunt Leanne for help on this one! Ask her what SHE thinks Josie should call the private parts of boys and girls at her age! (oh, and be sure to get back to us on what she says!)

  8. Oh, I'm with you on the terminology. We're focusing on "private parts" as well and also talking a lot about how we keep them private.

  9. The reason they tell you to call them by there actual names is because if someone touched them inappropriately words like "pee pee, "lady bits" etc...may not be admissible in court. That being said I am not teaching my 22 month old the word vag*** yet. I will wait until her vocabulary improves and until she is less likely to point to someone's and say that. Also I think my daughter has both of those outfits. They are two of my favorites! I got them at Carter's.

  10. Love these pictures!

    I recently tried to reach you via email, but didn't hear back. Knowing how it is with so many emails coming into everyone's Inbox nowadays, I thought that maybe posting a comment would be a quicker and much better way to connect.

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    Please let me know if you would help by posting some of this to your interested audience:

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    Thank you so much!

  11. Love the naming of the parts! Claire is a labeler too! My mom was in town, and the spare bedroom is where Claire's dresser is. We were in there getting clothes for Claire while my mom was getting dressed, and Claire looks at Mimi, points and says "that's a boob!". Yay for 3 word sentences! But no, I'm not fond of her pointing out everyone's boobs. Luckily, it's usually just mine....Right now we have been using "potty" for her private parts as that is what Grandma calls it, and it's hard to change Grandma's terminology. :)