Monday, December 17, 2012

Josie and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week

Good News: Josie has been symptom free for more than 24 hours!  Woo Hoo!  Thank you for your concern and prayers.
This past week of stomach bug agony made for one despondent diva:
The infectious smile we are accustomed to seeing was replaced by this pathetic pout:

Merryn takes a moment to emphasize the stark contrast:
Josie moped throughout our visit from Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne on Monday:

There were brief signs of life when Mama Hop let Josie play with her glasses.  Unfortunately Mama Hop doesn't have durable rubber glasses like Josie does!
Aunt Leanne tried her best to perk up our princess with no avail:
I don't care how sick you are - how could you NOT smile (and wet your pants with laughter) at the sight of this?!?!
This has officially become my all-time favorite picture of my mom.
At least Lil Bit showed enthusiasm to have such fun visitors!

Speaking of fun guests, a business trip to our area allowed us to have a visit from the ever entertaining Papa!  Here he is frolicking in our brand new ball pit (more on this later) with Merryn...
...while Josie sulked across the room.
Even though she didn't put forth her most effervescent demeanor, she was a very conscientious hostess.  She had a diarrhea explosion right before Papa walked in the door and she vomited just seconds after he left.  But she held it together while her beloved Papa visited with us.
On Friday, Mama Hop and Aunt Leanne were wonderful enough to drop everything and come keep Merryn so Travis could accompany me on a little road trip to take Miss Sourpuss to the doctor. 
The diva was back in full effect!

Leanne got right down to business tending to her essential Aunt duties.
It was just what JoJo needed.
Josie even introduced Leanne to her new BFF, "Clap Your Hands," (guess what song he sings) a treasured gift from our dear friend, Aleksandra.
Spirits were lifted even higher when Leanne whipped out presents from Mama Hop's thoughtful and generous friend, Ann.
Opening presents is Josie's new favorite past time.  She thinks it's a legitimate daily request like "go outside!" or "eat Cheetos" or "open presents!"  One week, three visitors, two singing animals, and some sparkly hair bows later, that radiant grin returned. 
Jovial Josie is back!  Thank Heavens, Girlfriend - we missed you!


  1. YAY so thankful she is back and nobody else caught it. Merry Christmas!

  2. SO GLAD she is feeling better! And I have to agree, IV placement has to be one of the most barbaric things to watch your kiddo go through. I hate them! Stay healthy you all!

  3. Josie is looking so mature in her glasses--especially that first photo. I'm so happy that she is feeling better! I hope that the rest of the family stays well.