Monday, December 24, 2012

She's baaaaack!

Look who's back: Aunt Leanne!  Here are some Instagram pictures from our shopping and dining excursion yesterday.

I wanted to get a coat rack for the entrance to our home so we set out for Bed Bath & Beyond.  The coat racks were displayed on top of some shelves.  The following conversation transpired in signature Leanne fashion:
Leanne: What's that?
Travis: It's a coat rack
Leanne: What's it for?
Travis: It's to hang your coat on
Leanne: (Glancing up at the display) But I can't reach!
You've gotta love her!  More stories to come!


  1. Long time lurker - first time poster. You and your sister are gorgeous! I always love reading your Aunt Leanne stories! Happy holidays!

  2. Love Leanne's comment about the coat rack - she has a great point!!

    What is your lipstick color? It's the PERFECT red!!

    1. Ha! Thank you! I'm totally digging the red lips for the holidays even though it's been called "pretentious," "too red" and "stripper-like". Whatever! LOL! It's Maybelline Lip Stain in Cherry Pop. I'm sure I have some sort of gloss over it but I can't remember.

    2. I'm OBSESSED with some red lips right now! I'm adding that lip stain to my collection today!