Monday, January 14, 2013

Another Whodunnit?

Yesterday, the playroom became a crime scene...again.  This time it wasn't a murder mystery but rather a disappearance: the case of the missing spectacles.  In the time it took to unload the dishwasher, a pair of bubblegum pink glasses vanished.
What we have here, ladies and gentleman, is a good, old-fashioned "Whodunnit". With no witnesses, no alibis, and no confessions, we must turn to the circumstantial evidence...again.
Perp #1: Josie "The Catfish" (aka "J-J-J Jo Jo and the Jets")
What are you talking about?  I AM wearing my glasses.
Don't let her calm and collected mannerism fool you.  She's a princess in pigtails who has had a love/hate relationship with her glasses for more than a month. 
Then there's...

Perp #2: Merryn "The Mimic"
She may only be 17 months-old but this frilly fraud has a rap sheet a mile long of identity theft attempts.  She has a penchant for accessories and a documented case of glasses envy.
Or perhaps in the spirit of the great criminal duos of our time...Bonnie & Clyde...Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid...Thelma & Louise (yeah, yeah - go with it) these two corrupt companions conspired with one goal: Make those doggone pink glasses swim with the fishes.
So which one of these sinister sisters snatched the specs?
An APB was issued and we put our best detective (Mom) on the case.  The crime scene was scoured over and over again but every lead turned up dry.  Just when investigators were about to call off the search, a small glimpse of pink appeared from the most unlikely spot and a crimson co-conspirator was caught red-handed.
An intense interrogation ensued but this accomplice ain't given up the goods.  No sir, his lips are sealed (unless you press his hand in which case he sings "Jingle Bells").  The hush money must have been hefty because this allegiant accessory is facing life in the pokey while the suspects remain at large, waiting to strike again.  It's only a matter of time...


  1. HIlarious - those dishes aren't going to unload themselves eh? The amount of things that can happen during that brief amount of time is always unbelievable to me. Thanks for making it funny!

  2. LOL. It really is AMAZING what kids can pull off in a matter of minutes. Lol

  3. My son started wearing glasses when he was 4 and I am not kidding you, he thought of the most inventive places to hide the darn things. I probably spent an hour a day for about six months, just looking for glasses. Thankfully he finally noticed that Hey! he could actually see better with them on and the hiding stopped. Little scamps :)

  4. I'm delurking to say that these posts always bring a smile to my face. :) You write these "whodunnit's" so well!

  5. Seriously hilarious.......although I'm sure a big pain the neck for lead detective Mom! Best pic--the girls with the booking info behind them--nice work!

  6. Oh we have days like that here. Dariya used to be so great at putting them back in her case but now they are left anywhere and everywhere when she is done with them!

  7. Elmo seems so innocent, yet you expose his dark side.

  8. Hahaha love to start my day with a good laugh! Thank goodness it was Elmo! Those two sweet faced babies would never do such a thing! Have a great day.

  9. My daughter hid my son's glasses in the playroom when they were two. It took us about three days to find them. She also broke them in half one time when she was mad at him. Good luck!!

  10. LOL!!! You crack me up! My son hides his toys under furniture and in the weirdest places... every time I'm cleaning (not a lot lol!) I find these hidden treasures and just have to laugh at his "ability" His little fingers cannot pincer grasp pieces of food to put into his mouth BUT they can squeeze a toy into a tiny crack!