Monday, January 21, 2013

Mama Hop Monday - Volume 3

Mama Hop and Josie at Josie & Merryn's baptism
I've been wracking my brain trying to think of one really good question, but I don't have one. I think I'll benefit from anything she shares. :) I'm so curious about her experience parenting both of you - what that looked like ... I think I wonder a lot about the relationships my children will have with each other as they grow. You and Leanne are really close, and I wonder how your mom encouraged that.
- Deborah
Parenting Leanne and Elizabeth was great. The girls got along well and conspired a lot... Could never get upset because their giggles were too cute.
OK, a few - how did Mama Hop handle being a teacher AND having her daughter in SPED? Was it at the same school? What's her best advice for the DS mama/SPED teacher/love my colleagues and my kid who starts next year?

Also, wondering about long-term stuff for Leanne (living arrangements, etc), how Mama Hop handled the initial news about Leanne's diagnosis, and how she is so awesome, because you and Leanne are both hilarious. Clearly, Mama Hop helped with that.

And a good wine recommendation?

And seriously, her skin looks wonderful, any secrets to share?
-Team Lando
I never taught in the schools that Leanne attended, but being a teacher myself helped me develop wonderful relationships with Leanne's teachers and with the parents of my students.  We have always been cut-ups. With an uninhibited Down syndrome child my motto is "keep the humor".
Elizabeth has never been expected to be responsible for Leanne, but she insists. She will eventually have custody of Leanne. This has been arranged through an estate lawyer.
Wine: Italian pinot grigio. Sam's Club has Mezzacarona.  It is good and reasonable.
Skin: I love the smell of Coast soap, so that is my favorite cleanser. Would horrify a dermatologist!
Okay! Addy has this awful habit of saying "STOOOOP!" whenever anyone says anything to her, around her to others etc. It's extremely rude and nothing we have tried has made her "STOOOOP!" Any suggestions??? :)
Try ignoring it. Sounds like an attention getting behavior. Attend to the person she is saying "stooop" to. I can think of worse things she could say!
Maybe give her a talk and set up a reward system. Good luck. She will think of something else down the road anyway. Keep smiling.
My husband and I have been seriously considering adoption...most likely of a child with Ds. So, I'm curious as to what the biggest challenge in caring for Leanne is now that she is an adult. Is she in any day programs? Any type of vocational training? Any daily routines? It just seems, to me, that there are so few options for adults with special needs. And I'm a little curious as to how much freedom Leanne has - can she stay home alone, go to the mall alone - or does she really need steady supervision? What is the balance for independence?

Also, I think Mama Hop is so gorgeous...maybe she should share some skin care tips!
Regarding the adult challenge we face: With the economy, keeping Leanne productively occupied and entertained is hard, since she has had jobs in the community that folded. She is currently in an Arc program where they have a dog biscuit business going. Leanne takes pride in coming home and reporting how many biscuits she made each day. Cute story: We were listening to Donna Summer on the radio one day and Leanne said, "I can't sing like that!" I told Leanne that Donna could probably not make dog biscuits either.
Leanne has daily routines and self-assigned chores:self-care which is totally independent, including self-cathing due to neurogenic bladder. She takes care of garbage detail, refilling paper towels and such, feeding the cats and on and on. I am lost and the place falls apart whenever she is gone!
I am over-protective and Leanne constantly reminds me, "Mom, I am independent". Yes, she can stay home alone and take care of things and herself. I would not trust others enough to let her go to the mall alone, but she goes into Walgreens and buys gum and such. Thus I am "Mom's Taxi" which can get taxing.
Many thanks to Mama Hop for willingly answering these questions.  If you have a question for Mama Hop, leave it here or email us at 


  1. Everyday I am more & more impressed with Leanne.

  2. :) We'll keep ignoring and see if it helps :) stinker that girl is I tell ya!

  3. We will keep ignoring and see if it helps :) she's a stinker I tell ya!